Charmaine Roberts – Top Facts To Know About This Virgin River Character

Charmaine Roberts

When it comes to Virgin River series, there’s one character who has left a mark on this series. Yes, we are talking about Charmaine Virgin River, or whom you also know as Charmaine Roberts. It doesn’t matter how far you have watched the show yet, but it takes only an episode to understand the character of Charmaine. She is someone who is not keen on making it easy for people around her. In fact, it involves neither her ex boyfriend Jack Sheridan, nor her lady love, Mei Monrone, but everyone. 

So, if you want to know about Charmaine, then you are at the right place. Here we will mention a few facts about Charmaine. For example, we will tell you why Charmaine is a special character in the series Virgin River. So, it’s time to follow this article and check out details such as Charmaine Virgin season 2, her relationships with other characters, and more. 

An Overview On Charmaine From Virgin River

If you want to know about Charmaine Virgin River, then you are at the right place. According to the sources, Charmaine is portrayed as the friend and ex-girlfriend of Jack Sheridan in the series Virgin River. Audience see her struggling with her relationship with Jack. Not only that but she also has a huge impact in the overall series Virgin River. 

An Overview On Charmaine From Virgin River

Charmaine & Her Failed Relationship With Jack Sheridan

If you follow the show Virgin River, then you’d know about Charmaine’s relationship with her ex-boyfriend, Jack Sheridan. However, there are a lot of moments when Charmaine’s decisions makes us question her character. For example, if we see Charmaine Virgin River season 2, then you will see how she refuses to accept her part in the failed relationship she had with Jack. 

So, in the first season of the show, we see Charmaine and Jack in a casual relationship before Mel’s arrival. Jack had made it clear that he didn’t want anything serious. However, the fact that Jack never dated anybody else in his life made Charmaine feel that he would change his mind. Later on, we see Jack breaking up with her and dating Mel, and it made Charmaine furious. 

Letting Go of Jack & Moving On Too Quickly
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Letting Go of Jack & Moving On Too Quickly

Charmaine Virgin River season 3 made it clear that she had finally begun to let Jack go. It seems that she quickly moved on from Jack as she introduced her new boyfriend Todd in the series. Moreover, it’s not only that but she said that she had known Todd only for three weeks. Now, Todd is not only her boyfriend but also her fiance. Keeping in mind the fact that Charmaine is pregnant, this seems to be a pretty wild move for someone who’s going to be a mother for the first time. 

Letting Go of Jack & Moving On Too Quickly
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Charmaine’s Petty Behaviour When Things Don’t Go Her Way

If you want to know about Charmaine’s petty behaviour, then you are at the right place. The Charmaine Virgin River cast, Lauren Hemmersley, has done a fabulous job for sure. So, in the whole series, Charmaine shows petty behaviour when things do not go her way. For example, she is totally incapable of hearing that her lover, Jack isn’t in love with her. She tries not to move on, but instead, tries to get back at her ex-lover and his new love, Mel. So, it’s almost as if she wants to make Jack Sheridan pay for not falling in love with her. 


1. Who Is Charmaine Roberts From Virgin River Series?

Charmaine Roberts is one of the most important characters in the Virgin River series. She is the ex-girlfriend of Jack Sheridan. 

2. Who Is The Father Of Charmaine’s Baby?

So, as we can understand from the series Virgin River, Charmaine’s baby’s father is Jack Sheridan. 

3. What Happens Between Charmaine & Sheridan?

Charmaine and Jack Sheridan’s relationship crumbles, and as a result, Sheridan breaks up with her and falls in love with Mel. 

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