Celebrate Siblinghood Throughout the Year

Celebrate Siblinghood

Spending quality time with siblings is always fun and it brings happiness to us. The never ending arguments, random talks, judging different friends and relatives, deciding nicknames, fighting for the desserts, hiding the TV remote, changing the mobile password, cheating in tests, saving each other from scolding of parents, and a lot more defines how amazing and strong bond siblings have during childhood days. But as soon as you and your siblings start focusing on the career, studies, jobs, marriage, you or your siblings get to some other cities or countries. Most of the time, you rarely get to see each other for months or even years, But who doesn’t like to get those days back? Obviously you can’t visit them or live with them due to your own responsibilities, but you can surely celebrate those good old days with your sweet gestures.

Video Call them Randomly

You can call them up at any time of the day randomly to talk to them about their life and your life. Discuss all your heartbreaks with them and talk about some funny things like before. You can also discuss your problems with them and can ask them about theirs if any. It will surely strengthen the bond with them.

Play Online Games with them

There are many multiplayer online games like Counter Strike, PUBG, Free Fire, etc. You can play these games with them during free time and can talk a lot while enjoying the amazing games with them. Accomplish missions with your best sibling squad and it will definitely bring a wide smile on your and their face.

Surprise them with Birthday Gifts/Rakhi Gifts

If any occasion is around like their birthday or Raksha Bandhan, you can send rakhi to Australia, USA, UK, UAE, Germany, or to any other country where they live. Likewise, you can send them amazing gifts on their birthday from a reliable online gifting portal. Choose fabulous gifts and surprise them with doorstep delivery of gifts. It will mean the world to them.

Stay Connected with Instagram/Facebook

Well, if you share the same memes and relate it with your siblings, then surely the bond between you and your siblings is amazing. Although, you won’t get much time to talk to them over call, but surely you can send them memes on social media to make them smile. There are many relatable posts on social media that will remind you and them of the good old days.

So, these were the ways through which you can enjoy and celebrate the siblinghood throughout the year. Maybe visit them once in a while to give them the best surprise. Watch Netflix with them and enjoy some quality time together while your visit. Apart from the mentioned ways, you can send them delicious cakes, refreshing flowers, or can bring a graceful smile on their face with some of your digital gestures. The bond is meant to be developed over years and you should strengthen it always!