How do Pain Clinics help in the Management of Pain

Pain Clinics

How do people react to pain?

Many people around the world live in chronic pain. Most of them say that it is difficult for them to sleep at night and concentrate during the day. Chronic pain affects their energy level and enjoyment in life. Thus, if the pain is regular to you, then you should consider visiting pain clinics that may help you. Such pain clinics have a team of doctors to help you manage pain.

What can you find at a Pain Clinic?

In these health facilities, they help in the diagnosis and management of chronic pain. They are also called pain management clinics.

  •   They are of two types: One deals with a specific kind of pain like neck pain or back pain. The other is an interdisciplinary clinic that takes an approach that looks at the person as a whole.
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  •   These clinics have pain management teams that include medical practitioners, nurses, physicians, assistants, physiotherapists to help people ease off their chronic pain and live a normal life.

Why you should visit pain clinics

  •   The pain clinics aim at cutting down your pain and help you live a normal life.
  •   These pain clinics help you acquire skills to manage pain on your own and make you able to lead a near to normal life and possibly make you return to work.

What to look for in pain clinics?

While trying to find a pain clinic, find the one with a team of specialists to offer you pain management. The pain management team must have medical practitioners, nurses, physicians, physiotherapists, and mental health specialists, massage therapists, occupational therapists, pharmacists, dentists. Pain Clinic Spokane WA is one such option you can try as they are dedicated to treating its patients with the best team of pain specialists.

Align with the team member with whom you can share your concerns and get therapy that suits you. Your pain management specialist will help you treat your pain and coordinate with the right care specialist you require, including rehabilitation and counseling. A good pain clinic will always work with you and your family to create a pain management course that suits you and your lifestyle. The clinic will monitor your progress and give feedback.

Avoid these treatments

It would be best if you avoided clinics that offer mostly narcotics to treat pain. These medicines make your body addicted to them. They interact with other things in our body too. Cause a pain clinic should be such that it takes care of the person as a whole and not only manages pain.

Avoid Pain Management at Pain Clinics

  •   Pain sometimes resolves quickly when the reason for the trauma or underlying pathology has healed and is treated by drugs like analgesics and anxiolytics.
  •   Pain Clinics help manage pain in the back, neck, hip, shoulder, knee, elbow, foot-ankle, and head.
  •   Ideally, pain management teams apart from medical practitioners, nurses, physicians, physiotherapists have mental health specialists, massage therapists, occupational therapists, pharmacists, dentists.
  •   Chronic pain eradication requires constant efforts coordinated by the pain management team.
  •   Patients should keep in mind that effective pain management does not mean the complete eradication of pain.

Management of Pain by techniques other than using medicines

There are many ways to manage pain apart from taking medication. Let’s find out approaches to reduce and control the amount of pain:

  1. Physical techniques

  •   Hot and cold therapy
  •   Massage
  •   Physical therapy
  •   Acupuncture
  1. Mind-Body Techniques

  •   Cognitive behavior therapy
  •   Yoga
  •   Tai Chi
  1. Relaxation techniques

  •   Deep breathing techniques
  •   Progressive muscle relaxation
  •   Thinking calmly
  •   Calming activities
  1. Drug Therapy

  •   Non-Steroidal anti-inflammatory drug
  •   Opioids
  •   Antidepressants
  •   Beta-Blockers
  •   Cannabis
Final words

Pain Clinics are the best for managing chronic pain as it helps you get back to normal life. Spokane Spine Team offers you the best pain treatment at their pain clinic.