CBSE Class 7th Maths Exam – Expert-backed Preparation Strategy

CBSE Class 7th Maths

For the preparation for CBSE Class 7th Maths exam, you need to follow a proper plan. Learning and strengthening your maths in class 7 will help you to build a strong foundation and prepare you for the higher classes. There are preparation strategies that are developed by the experts to help you study and score good marks in the CBSE class 7th maths. Following the below expert-based strategy will help you to score the maximum marks.

Be Attentive

Some students think that they can casually sit in the class and not listen to what is being taught and they can study what is taught when they return home. This will cause you a lot of trouble and slow your preparation. You need to be attentive during class hours and try to take advantage of the teaching. Remember you are paying for the knowledge that you are getting for your teachers so always try to take advantage of it. Preparation is done 50 percent at school and the rest 50 percent at home so students who are thinking that they can do it on their own are either geniuses or they are just dumb. In most cases, it is the latter one. If you are not attentive enough no amounts of strategies can help you score well in the class 7th maths exam.

Fight yourself

If you are dedicated and focused on improving yourself then you need to fight yourself. To fight yourself does not mean that you start beating yourself; you need to fight with your past performance and better the present result. You can do the following things to fight yourself and improve your present performance:

  • Get rid of any bad habits that you have such as waking up late, going to sleep late at night, watching too much TV, etc.
  • Keep a record of your previous scores and try to improve them gradually.
  • When you are unable to do so do not get restless instead keep trying and eventually you will be able to do it.
  • Talk to your elders and try to get suggestions and advice.
  • Analyze your mistakes.

Work on the Areas Where You Think you are Weak

Find the areas that you think you are weak at and try to work on them. Some of the areas where most of the students find difficulties are as follows:

  • Sometimes it is difficult for students to solve questions related to certain topics, these topics must be identified by students themselves and they need to work on that particular topic.
  • Waking up early is another issue that most of the students face and they can solve this by setting an alarm or asking their parents to help them wake up early.
  • Sometimes students tend to leave difficult topics for later, this is a very bad habit as it will damage your concentration and will to prepare well.
  • Practice solving puzzles and learn tricks if you think that you are having problems with calculation. Do not use calculators in such lower classes as it will just destroy your maths.
  • Question yourself daily and stay motivated.


Students can take this as a strategy or as a piece of life advice it does not matter because meditating will help you concentrate better and will let you focus for a longer period. If you are restless you have to meditate daily for at least 30mins. Before you start your preparation try to mediate it will relax you and calm your mind. Be jolly and eager to learn. 

Syllabus for Class 7th maths and its Importance

To score good marks you need to keep in mind that all the chapters are equally important and must not be neglected. The class 7th maths syllabus is well balanced and most of the chapters are easy enough to score full marks. Always try to stick to the syllabus no matter what and learn questions related to those topics which are included in the syllabus, do not try to be over-smart and learn topics that are not included in the syllabus as it will meaningless and absolute waste of time. Some topics that you need to learn are as follows

  • Data handling: Accumulation of numbers to provide data on a subject or matter is known as data handling. This data can be marks, shopping done in a year, etc. Data handling is an easy topic and full marks can be scored in it if prepared properly.
  • Congruence of Triangle: Learn all the congruence of plane figures, line segments, triangles, etc. This is an important chapter and needs proper preparations. Questions coming from this chapter can be easily answered if prepared properly.
  • Pairs of Lines: This is a subtopic in the lines and angles and is also an important topic that will carry a good amount of marks. So to have proper preparation you will need to go through this topic and practice questions related to this topic. Learn the intersection of lines, transversal, etc.

Get Organized and Practice in your Head

Students need to be organized while preparing for their maths exam, before starting your preparation always check whether you are having all the necessary things like a pencil, pen, separate notes, correct study material, etc. by your side. Keep the area where you study regularly clean and do not eat foods such as chips, biscuits, etc. while studying.

To memorize the topics and concepts thoroughly you can practice going through them in your head. Try to go through small sections at a time; revising previous studied chapters can also help you to grasp more. You can practice this before going to sleep or after revising a chapter or particular topic.


This expert-backed strategy will benefit all students with their learning. Solving and learning maths by following these above tips will increase your experience and confidence. Students studying in class 7 must know that they are at the most important part of high school math learning thus students must learn and solidify their concepts.