Archie Heaton — Everything About Charlie Heaton’s Son

Archie Heaton

Archie Heaton has been all over the internet for sometime now, and you must want to know about him as well. Well, we all know that many of us dream of becoming famous or sharing that sensational domain of celebrity hood. But you will be surprised to learn that sometimes the celebrity life is not so pleasant after all. Indeed most celebrities are unable to enjoy their personal space due to intrusion from the paparazzi and fans.  Charlie Heaton’s personal life has aroused the interest of many, particularly since he became a father in 2014. 

We all know about Netflix’s hit series “Stranger Things”. In an interview with GQ magazine, Charlie Heaton who plays Jonathan Byers on the show, offered insight into his life before fame, which included a brief mention of his son. The English actor and musician launched his career by touring with his band. It was through that that he met his ex-girlfriend and mother of his son. 

Who is Charlie Heaton’s son, Archie Heaton? 

Charlie Heaton's son

Archie Heaton is a young celebrity kid, the child of Charlie Heaton and Akiko Matsuura. Matsuura is a renowned Japanese musician.  Archie Heaton was born in England. Archie came into the world in 2014, when Charlie Heaton was only 20 years old. In fact, Charlie’s son is reported to live primarily with his mother, Akiko Matsuura. 

Charlie had met and dated Akiko as a teen. Archie Heaton is now 8 years old. Born on May 19, 2014, he is still a minor and has come under limelight due to the influence of his parents, especially his dad. 

Who is Akiko Matsuura? 

She is a Japanese drummer and musician. Archie Heaton’s mother, Akiko Matsuura, is best known for her role as a drummer and backing vocalist for The Big Pink. We all know The Big Pink is an English electronic rock band. Charlie and Akiko met before his acting career flourished. The two were in the rock band Commanechi. 

During that time he fell in love with Matsuura. As we know from the reports, Charlie and Akiko split in the months after Archie’s birth. We also know about the age gap between them. Matsuura is 41 and Charlie is 28. Some of us speculate that Heaton was not ready to be a father. In fact, he was only 20 when Archie was born. Therefore, we conjecture that this was the cause of his breakup with Matsuura. However, though Archie’s parents do not live together, both of them continue to be involved in Archie’s life. 

Archie Heaton is of mixed ethnicity

Charlie Heaton’s son is of mixed race. We all know his father is English, while his mother is Asian. In fact, Archie is a British national, having been born and brought up in the UK. 

Archie Heaton’s social media handles 

Archie is only 8 years old now. Thus, he is not yet old enough to own and control social media accounts. His parents too have not created any social media account in his name. Therefore, for now, there is no official account for Archie Heaton. 

Archie Heaton Net Worth 

Archie Heaton has not yet acquired any net worth of his own. Although his father, Charlie Heaton is worth over 4 million dollars. In fact, his mother, Akiko Matsuura, amounts to around 1 million dollars. Thus, it is possible to attribute the net worth of his parents to Archie, which is over five million dollars. 


  • Who is Archie Heaton’s mother? 

His mother is Akiko Keex Matsuura, a U.K based vocalist and drummer.

  • How old is ⭐ARCHIE HEATON⭐?

He was born in 2014 to Charlie Heaton and Akiko Matsuura, and currently he is 8 years old. 

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