How To Hunt For A Job With A Criminal record


Criminal Record Check Canada has become a very important topic for employers. Most employers do a thorough criminal record check of the candidates applying for a job with them.

This is because no employer wants to see that they have recruited a person who can pose a threat to the work environment or can get involved in yet another offence. When you have a criminal record, you will find it very difficult to land on a job. Here are a few tips on how to hunt for a job while you might still have a criminal record.

Pardon can seal the criminal record

If you have a criminal record that has not yet been sealed, it will be most likely to show up in background criminal check. The best thing you can do is to take the necessary steps to apply for a pardon and get your record sealed once for all so that you can enjoy complete peace of mind and win a fair chance to jobs, promotions and volunteering opportunities. Once you get a pardon, your criminal record will not be visible to most employers.

Is it necessary to reveal your past criminal record?

Once you have been granted a pardon, there is no reason for you to volunteer that you had a criminal record in the past. Some employers and certain crucial job positions require a deeper investigation of your history. For example, if your job position will involve dealing with a lot of money or handling private information, your criminal record might be revealed any way despite your best efforts.

After you have applied for and got a pardon, the employers might still ask you if you ever had a criminal conviction. This is how you must react to this question. The very fact that you have been granted a pardon means that you are a law-abiding citizen. Hence you can say with confidence that you had been convicted of a criminal offence and that you have now been pardoned.

A typical background check cannot reveal a sealed criminal record. If you choose not to tell about your pardon, here is what can happen. The right answer to this question is nothing will ever happen. However, you run the risk of dismissal if you have been found to lie in a job application. There are chances that sometimes your employer might find out that you had a criminal record. No employer is going to digest the fact that you had lied in the job application.

The way out

During interviews or while receiving job offers, stay well prepared to deal with the situation confidently. Give an honest answer. Admit that you were at fault during the incident. Tell that you had eventually rectified the problem and show your recent history of law-abiding life. Then you can shift to the conversation of why you are the best candidate for the present position you are applying for.

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