Business Guru Eric Dalius Unveils Effective Ways of Starting a Small Business despite Challenges

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Initiating a small business seems to be a huge but certainly a rewarding undertaking. Over half the population of the United States works in a company or owns a small business! We know that small businesses have been instrumental in creating around two out of every three jobs for Americans. We know that it takes a tremendous amount of practice to achieve the determination and self-discipline for developing a thought process of tackling small business challenges and issues. According to Eric Dalius, during the current COVID-19 pandemic, even small businesses are compelled by circumstances to give importance and priority to the workers’ health. However, spiraling healthcare expenses could prove to be challenging for businesses. The high costs are making finances tough to manage. Business owners are receiving a massive financial blow. Here are some effective tips for starting and ramping up your business.

Small Business Tips from EJ Dalius

Consider Developing a Business Idea

Business ideas could be generated from anywhere- an issue you are struggling to solve, hobbies you are passionate about, or some unanticipated avenues and opportunities. You must identify or develop a new business idea. Get motivated with a fresh new endeavor. Once you have identified a business idea, you must consider testing, qualifying, and even rating the business idea. 

Identify Your Weaknesses & Strengths

All entrepreneurs or aspiring small business owners have certain abilities, skills, experience, and knowledge that help them gain a competitive edge in terms of building a business and operating it seamlessly. However, nobody is equipped with the skills to master all the processes to run a business successfully. You simply cannot resolve complicated issues if you do not have the relevant training or experience. Understand your weaknesses and strengths so that you know precisely where to concentrate your attention on. Learn ways to tackle new workloads and responsibilities. Moreover, you simply cannot avoid working and coordinating with family members, independent contractors, and other businesses while addressing major issues and ensuring critical concerns are tackled successfully.

Off to a Flying Start

Starting a small business could be an ecstatic and exhilarating experience. However, this could be quite terrifying as well. Many small business owners fail to manage the uncertainty and fear associated with setting up a small business. There are valuable resources that prove to be helpful through the tough times. Always consider the implications before starting your business.

Chalk Out a Business Plan

It is of crucial importance to chalk out a business plan and stick to the plan firmly. Without an effective plan of action, no businesses could sustain or succeed. The creation of a business plan could prove to be overwhelming for many small business owners.  It is essential to develop a business plan for steering future work and holding yourself accountable. As your work is progressing and your idea is being executed and real operations are taking place, you may consider expanding your business plan. Business management expert, Eric J Dalius points out that with time, you could incorporate more accurate estimates, longer-reaching projections, actual costs, mission statement, etc. in your business plan document.


Follow the amazing tips discussed above and forge ahead of the rest. Remember to assess the market to identify your competitors. You must remain passionate about what you are doing. Move your business idea in the right direction.

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