How Often To Replace Your Refrigerator Water Filter

Refrigerator Water Filter

The average lifespan of a water filter is six months, but there are some models that will last up to a year. However, those are pretty expensive and not very common on the market. To make sure your fridge stays clean, read on or click for more info!

Is it Really Necessary to Change Your Water Filter Every Six Months?

Water filters are designed to make sure your ice cubes taste as they should! They also ensure that you get clean, unsmelly, and uncontaminated drinking water from your fridge water dispenser. But, not all of us notice a difference in our drinking water after using these filtration systems for six months. And that’s why most people question the six-month rule.

Even though it may be possible to wait a little longer than the manufacturers’ suggestion of six months to replace your filter, it’s important that you keep in mind all the other benefits you’re missing out on by not changing it often.

  • Filters remove contaminants, including lead and mercury
  • They improve water flow and pressure
  • Prevent the build-up of limescale, which can damage your appliances
  • Keep your fridge running efficiently and help it last longer!

So, while you may be able to get away with changing your filter every nine or twelve months instead of six, it’s really important to replace it often if you want to maintain the quality of your drinking water and keep your fridge in good condition. 

What Happens If I Don’t Change the Filter?

If you don’t change your filter as often as the manufacturer recommends, there are a few things that could happen. The first is that your ice cubes will taste funny and not be as crisp as you’re used to.

Your drinking water may also have a strange odor or flavor to it. Not only is this unpleasant, but it could also be unhealthy. If you wait too long between filter changes, bacteria and other contaminants may start to build up in your water supply system. This is not only gross and potentially dangerous but can result in costly repairs down the road!

Is Replacing Your Water Filter Hard?

Replacing your water filter is not a difficult task, but it does require some effort. The good news is that most filters are easy to find and purchase. All you have to do is make sure you have the right model number for your fridge and go from there.

The actual replacement process should take less than five minutes, tops! Follow these simple steps and you’ll be all set:

Start by shutting off the water supply to your refrigerator. This is usually located near the fridge, but please consult your owner’s manual if you’re not sure where it is.

Next, remove the old filter and discard it in the trash. Then insert the new filter into its proper place and turn the water back on.

Which Tools Do I Need for a Refrigerator Replacement?

In most cases, you will not need any tools to replace your refrigerator water filter. However, there are a few models that require a special wrench or other tools to remove the old filter and insert a new one. If you’re not sure if this is the case for your fridge, please consult your owner’s manual. Otherwise, all you’ll need is a Phillips head screwdriver to remove the cover of the filter housing. This is where the new filter goes!

Once you have the new filter in hand, it should only take a few minutes to complete the replacement process. If for some reason you’re struggling, please consult a professional.

How to Get the Best Deals on Your Filter Replacements

It’s important to note that not all water filters are created equal. To find the best deals on replacements, you’ll need to do a little research.

One option is to purchase your replacement filter directly from the manufacturer. This can be expensive, but often you will receive a high-quality product that lasts a long time.

If you’re looking for simple convenience, there are many third-party retailers where you’ll find the exact filter replacements that fit in your fridge. This can help you save time, money, and effort!

So, whether you’re looking to save money or just make your life a little bit easier, replacing your refrigerator water filter is definitely the way to go. By following these simple steps, you can do everything possible to keep your fridge running efficiently.