In The Dark Cast: Everything You Need to Know About

In The Dark Cast

In the Dark” is an American television series that first aired on The CW in 2019. The show follows Murphy Mason (played by Perry Matt Feld), a hard-drinking and blind woman who becomes embroiled in a criminal investigation after her close friend Tyson Parker (played by Thamela Mpumalanga) goes missing. The series has received positive reviews for its character-driven storytelling and the nuanced portrayal of its blind lead character.

In addition to Matt field and Mpumalanga, the show features a talented ensemble cast, including:

  • Brooke Markham as Jess Rader, Murphy’s best friend and former roommate
  • Kestin John as Darnell James, a former drug dealer and Murphy’s guide dog
  • Derek Webster as Dean Riley, a detective with the N mercury Police Department
  • Kathleen York as Joy, Murphy’s mother and a recovering alcoholic
  • Rich Sommer as Max Conway, a wealthy businessman and Tyson’s father

Each of these characters brings their own unique perspectives and motivations to the show, making for a rich and complex world. The relationships between the characters are central to the series, and the cast does a great job of bringing these relationships to life.

One of the standout performances of the show is Perry Matt field’s portrayal of Murphy. As a blind woman, Murphy faces several challenges in navigating the world around her, and Matt field does an excellent job of bringing those difficulties to life in a realistic and nuanced way. She also brings a strong sense of humour to the role, making Murphy a complex and compelling character that audiences cannot help but root for.

About Each Characters in Detail

Tyson Parker (played by Thamela)

Tyson Parker
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Tyson is a young man who goes missing in the first episode of the show. Despite his absence, Tyson remains a central figure throughout the series, as the investigation into his disappearance is what sets the plot in motion. Through flashbacks and the perspectives of other characters, audiences get to know Tyson and understand why he was so important to those around him.

Jess Rader (played by Brooke Markham)

Jess is Murphy’s best friend and former roommate. She is supportive of Murphy and often helps her out of tight spots. But their friendship is tested when Jess begins to suspect that Murphy may be involved in Tyson’s disappearance. Despite her reservations, Jess remains loyal to Murphy and to help her through whatever trouble she finds herself in.

Darnell James (played by Kestin John)

Darnell is a former drug dealer and Murphy’s guide dog. Despite his rough exterior, Darnell has a soft spot for Murphy and is fiercely protective of her. He often helps Murphy navigate the world and provides her with valuable information about the criminal underworld.

Dean Riley (played by Derek Webster)

Dean is a detective with the N Mercury Police Department. He is tasked with investigating Tyson’s disappearance and is initially sceptical of Murphy’s involvement. However, as the investigation progresses, Dean begins to see the value in Murphy’s perspective and the two form an unlikely alliance.

Joy (played by Kathleen York)

Joy is Murphy’s mother and a recovering alcoholic. She is fiercely protective of her daughter and often tries to intervene when she sees Murphy getting into trouble. Despite her good intentions, Joy’s attempts to help often have unintended consequences, causing tension in her relationship with Murphy.

Max Conway (played by Rich Sommer) 

Max is a wealthy businessman and Tyson’s father. He is desperate to find out what happened to his son and is willing to go to great lengths to uncover the truth. Max is a complex and unpredictable character, and his actions often have far-reaching consequences for those around him.

Plot Explanation

“In the Dark” follows the story of Murphy Mason, a blind woman. Who becomes embroiled in a criminal investigation after her close friend Tyson Parker goes missing. The series begins with the disappearance of Tyson and focuses on the efforts of Murphy. Also, the N Mercury Police Department to find out what happened to him.

As the investigation progresses, Murphy begins to uncover evidence. This suggests that Tyson’s disappearance may be connected to the criminal underworld of N Mercury. Despite the danger she faces, Murphy is determined to find the truth about what happened to Tyson. Even if it means putting herself in harm’s way.

Along the way, Murphy forms unlikely alliances with a number of other characters, including Darnell, her guide dog; Jess, her best friend; and Dean, a detective with the N Mercury Police Department. Through these relationships, Murphy learns more about the world around her and the people who inhabit it.

As the series progresses, audiences are taken on a journey filled with twists and turns. Murphy and the others work to uncover the truth about Tyson’s disappearance. The series also explores themes of friendship, loyalty, and the consequences of our actions. Besides this, it makes it a thought-provoking and emotionally rich experience.

In the Dark Season 4 Plot

The fourth season picks up where the last one left off. In season three, Murphy searches for her friend Jess, who is on the run after killing someone in self-defence. Murphy gets messed up with a drug dealer and gets arrested by the police while trying to find Jess. However, Jess manages to escape, leaving Murphy behind. 

The fourth season follows Murphy’s escape from police custody and her pursuit to find both Jess. In addition, to the killer of Tayson. In addition, fans are eager to see how the events of previous seasons will impact Murphy’s journey.

The fourth season will feature the return of the original cast, led by Perry as Murphy Mason. Along with her, fans can expect to see familiar faces from past seasons. This includes Max and Felix.

The reunion of these actors promises to bring a dynamic to the show and fans can look forward to seeing. In addition, to their interactions with the main character.

In The Dark Latest Season Release Date

The third season of the show ended on a cliff-hanger in 2023, leaving fans eager for more. Good news, the fourth season is officially to be released on June 6, 2023. It consists of 13 episodes like its predecessors. The new season will air on the same network as the previous three. With only less than a month to go, viewers will not have to wait to find out what happens next.


Overall, the cast of “In the Dark” is a major factor in the show’s success. From the lead performance by Perry Matt field to the supporting players like Kestin John and Kathleen York. Each member of the cast brings their A-game to the show. 

In addition, to help create a rich and engaging world filled with complex characters and gripping storylines. Whether you are a fan of crime dramas or simply like strong character-driven storytelling, “In the Dark” is worth checking out.

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