Best Practices for Promoting Your B2B Business Online

B2B Business

Online marketing regularly evolves, which makes it difficult for B2B marketers to keep up with it. However, this is a critical time. With many people working from their homes, increasing your online presence is much more urgent now. For instance, reports a 39% increase in the number of persons that attended webinars and online events in 2020. The business outlook for B2B for 2021 & 2022 projects marketers are continually racing to speed up digital growth with LinkedIn, podcasts, virtual events and search displacing traditional marketing strategy.

What are your B2B online marketing  strategy  and efforts with numerous digital brands and channels fighting for attention?

Use online content to influence, engage and inform

For B2B a business marketer, content is key. Sharing relevant and valuable information online, like on ebooks, podcasts, webinars, infographics, videos and blogs, goes a long way in keeping your customers informed while building engagement and trust. Custom content is a powerful tool that about seventy-eight of CMOs consider as the future of marketing. There is no doubt that customers will feel much more confident about patronizing a business after reading content about it. Content generates leads 3x more than traditional marketing and at cheaper costs.

You must back up content marketing with an effective strategy. Examine your goals. What do you want? Do you need more traffic on your site, do you want to improve branding via thought leadership, do you want to generate new leads, reach a new audience?

Automate your email campaign

This looks old school, right? Well, no matter how old school it seems, there is no denying that email is a dominating factor in B2B marketing, and it is also an excellent way of boosting your online efforts.

According to research, about 87% of B2B online marketers utilize email in converting and nurturing leads and sharing digital content. Emails captivate your audience in a good way, and many subscribers opt-in to get updates about your business in their emails. Unlike on social media platforms, you can measure your customers’ responses and personalize the messages. The ROI is important too. For every dollar you spend on email marketing, you can expect a return average of $38.

Automated email campaigns take your B2B Business to the next level, and through it, you can convert a prospective customer to an actual customer.

Invest in B2B social media marketing

Social media is not only meant for B2C marketing; it is a potent tool for lead generation, customer engagement, brand-building and advertising. But numerous B2B businesses struggle when it comes to social media. The problem usually ranges from lack of content to lacking knowledge on how to engage audiences intelligently and the options for doing that.

Enhance your SEO efforts

SEO, short for Search Engine Optimization, may seem like an arduous practice; however, it is one of the most important tools for promoting and improving your B2B online business. It gives your website a strong search rank. The fact is, the higher your ranking on Bing and Google, the more the traffic your website witnesses. You can invest in paid SEO, but investing in organic search will yield better dividends for you. For every click that is made on paid search results, the organic search yields 8.5 clicks. The key to the high conversion rate is content. Long-form and high-quality content are ranked higher by the search engines.