Net Metering: How It Works & Where It’s Available?

Net Metering

Solar panels are devices that convert the photons in sunlight to electricity. They are becoming increasingly popular due to them being environmentally friendly. Traditional sources of energy such as fossil fuels contribute massively to the carbon footprint. And consequently, we are facing the brunt of global warming and climate change. Fossil fuels are not sustainable as they are not renewable. In other words, people will have to switch to clean energy sources. All over the globe, efforts are being made so that clean energy sources replace traditional energy sources.

Harnessing solar energy is a part of that greater effort. In recent years, the cost of solar energy has also dropped significantly. It might be time for you to consider installing solar panels at your home as it might benefit the environment and your finances in the longer run. If you are situated in Hervey Bay, you can search for the term solar company Hervey Bay to get a list of relevant solar companies in that area. You can get all the information you want about solar panel installation and the total cost from these companies. 

Net Metering

Net metering is a method to balance out the energy produced from solar panels. It requires an on-grid system that is connected to the main utility grid. It’s not possible for a single home to consume as much energy as solar panels produce. At times, the requirement for energy will be more than how much is produced. At other times, there might be some extra energy left.

Net metering allows users to sell the extra energy. When they require extra energy, they receive it via the main utility grid and pay a standard amount. This way, there is no wastage of energy. However, this is only possible with an on-grid system that is connected to the main utility grid. Users with off-grid systems have to invest in energy storage devices to make sure that the energy is not wasted. 

Advantages of Net Metering

There are many advantages of net metering, and thus, most people prefer an on-grid system instead of an off-grid one. Off-grid systems are usually only popular in commercial use where storage is not an issue. Off-grid or on-grid, harnessing solar energy is a great way to improve our environment’s health. 

Easy Billing and Finances

The billing method with net metering is quite easy. The user of an on-grid system is billed for the net amount of energy used. If they’ve used less than what they’ve produced, they are compensated. If vice-versa, they have to pay a certain amount based on their area’s rate. Each state has different rules and regulations regarding solar energy. Therefore, rates may differ. All in all, net metering is an amazing way to benefit financially.

If you live in a suitable area that gets ample sunlight, you will more often than not produce more energy than you can consume domestically. In places where net metering is available, fossil-fuel-based energy will only prove more costly. However, you will most likely not receive cash or paycheck for the extra energy produced. If you do have extra energy, your credits will roll over, and your energy cost will go down as you go ahead.

No Need of Storage

With net metering, you will not need to invest in battery storage devices or backup generators. Thus, you’ll end up saving on their costs and maintenance. With net metering, you’ll always have a regular supply of energy, even if it’s a rainy or cloudy day. When there is not enough energy being produced by your system, you will receive energy from the main utility grid. 

If net metering is available in your area, you might be tempted to get a small solar panel system. However, it is recommended that you get one that can produce ample energy for your regular home-usage. It is not recommended to explicitly depend upon the main utility grid. For proper information, you should call a solar expert who can tell you about your home’s solar needs. If you want, you can also invest in storage devices.

However, that is only recommended if you are using the energy for commercial purposes. In places where net metering is available, being on-grid is the best way to go about your energy needs. The main utility grid is like a massive battery that keeps providing energy when your own system doesn’t produce it.