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Disney Plus owned by The Walt Disney Company is one the leading online video streaming services with large number of subscribers globally watching and enjoying the latest movies, TV shows and Live coverage of sports, games  and other events. 

And to enjoy this OTT platform video streaming service you have to subscribe the plan as per your needs and affordability. And if you have already a paid member of this platform and don’t know how to login or begin with Disney Plus you can find here a complete guide to begin with this online service. 

How to Login/Begin?

For start first of all you need to buy a paid subscription plan to activate the free watching service on your preferred device like Smart TV, Laptop or Smartphone. And while purchasing the subscription plan of Disney Plus you have to register with the valid mobile number to verify your account and allow you to login with the OTP and enjoy the uninterrupted video watching. 

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Devices & Operating Platforms Supporting Disney Plus   

Just like other top online video streaming services, Disney Plus also supports the popular and most widely devices like TVs, Computers and Mobile Phones. Yes, you can login and watch Disney Plus on your Smart TV supporting the Disney Plus application, Smartphone or Tablets running on Android and iOS operating system and Computer or Laptops running on Windows or Apple iOS. 

There are many devices supporting the Disney Plus, Apple iPhones and iPads, Amazon’s Fire Tablet

Computers or Laptops running on Windows 10 and Windows 11 including Chromebook, Android based Smart Television, Xbox One and PlayStation video gaming consoles all are supporting Disney Plus.

How to Start Disney+ Hotstar on TV?

Once you have subscribe Disney Plus and ready to start with supported device you have to follow the right steps given below to start or login with Disney Plus. 

Step 1: Start launching with the Disney Plus app on your mobile device.

Step 2: Now, log in with the account you created while subscribing the Disney Plus. 

Step 3: One you login into your account, you’ll see the 8-digit number on the page you just finished. This code is required to enable Disney Plus on your device.

Step 4: Now open your web browser and navigate to

Step 5: When the website opens, sign in using the same account you used to sign in to your device.

Step 6: Now you have to enter an eight-digit code.

Step 7: After entering the correct code, press Enter.

Step 8: Once you’ve completed all of above mentioned steps, your is complete.

These steps will take to login and setup your Disney code and access your user account on your smartphone.

How to Sign in Disney Plus?

If you have not completed the enrolment process on Disney Plus then you can follow the steps given below. 

Step 1: To begin, open your computer browser and navigate to login/begin. 

Step 2: Now you can proceed by clicking the Sign-Up button.

Step 3: They will then display a form on your screen. This form must be filled out completely, including your email address and password.

Step 4: Once you fill the detail now, complete the form and click next.

Step 5: Finally at the end of this step, you’ll be prompted to enter your payment information. 

Step 6: This is the plan you wish to purchase, along with your credit card information.

Step 7: Now from the drop-down menu, choose “Finish.”

Step 8: Finally login at and select the ‘Start Watching’ option to begin watching all of the content.

How many devices can be logged into Disney plus at once?

Once you have subscribe and activated your Disney Plus account you can watch videos at different devices. Though, depending on your subscription plan you can login one Disney Plus account on different devices at the same time. 

You can create up to 6 profiles and stream video on up to 4 devices at the same time (each individual title can only be viewed on four devices at the same time). However you can download content to watch, read and listen to offline.    

What is the cost of a Disney Plus Subscription? login/begin currently has the 74 million subscribers. And compared to other online streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, it is less expensive. 

In US a monthly subscription to sign up for Disney Plus(opens in new tab) currently costs $7.99. While if you choose the annual subscription plan you have to pay $79.99 which is 20% less compare to monthly plan.  And you can download video content to watch when you are not connected to the internet after signing up for DisneyPlus. You can also log in with your DisneyPlus account on a variety of devices.

How to renew Disney Plus Subscription?

If are enjoying the Disney Plus subscription and looking to continue the service you have to renew your plan before the expiration. And renewing the Disney Plus subscription is very easy, you just need to follow the steps given below.  

Steps to Renew the Disney Plus Subscription:

Step 1: First of launch the Disney Plus app on your mobile device. 

Step 2: Now use your credentials to access the DisneyPlus account. If you forget your password, click the Forgot Password link to reset it.

Step 3: When you successfully logging into your newly created account, simply click the profile icon.

Step 4: Here in the Account section, select Manage Subscription from the menu.

Step 5: You will be able to renew or change the details of your DisneyPlus subscription.

How to Download Disney Plus on Your Phone, Smart TV & Computer

To watch and enjoy the Disney Plus video streaming service you have to install the application on a right platform. And Disney Plus is compatible with various popular and most widely used devices like Smart TV, Smartphone, Tablets and Laptops. 

You can install and run Disney Plus on any devices running on Android and iOS operating system. And to install and run the Disney Plus on your favorite device just follow the steps below.

Steps to Install Disney Plus on Android and iOS Device:  

Step 1: Type the Disney Plus on app store to install the Disneyplus app on your smartphone. 

Note: Android users can download it from the Play Store, while iOS users can download it from the App Store.

Step 2: Now after clicking the download button, wait for the app to be downloaded and installed on your smartphone.

Step 3: Once download completed installation will run automatically on your phone or tablet. 

Step 4: Now logging into Disneyplus and watch your favorite TV show movie on your phone or tablet.

Though, installing Disney Plus on your laptop or computer differs slightly from downloading it to your mobile phone. But the right process is given below that you can follow. 

Steps to Install Disney Plus on Computer or Laptop:

Step 1: Let’s start open Google for the DisneyPlus application for your PC.

Step 2: You have to visit at store, to get there, click on the link.

Step 3: Once operational, the site will display DisneyPlus photos and videos.

Step 4: Find and press the GET button. The program will start downloading. Install the Disney Plus app on your computer or laptop.

Step 5: Once you’ve installed the application, you’re ready to go.

Step 6: There is no cost to get Disneyplus on your phone or computer.

How to get Disney Plus on your Smart TV?

After smartphones, Smart TVs are the most widely used device to watch online video streaming services. If you have android based or any other OS smart TV supporting the Disney Plus application you can download, install and run this app on TV and enjoy your favorite TV show or movie on a bigger screen. 

Steps to Install Disney Plus on your Smart TV:

Step 1: First of connect switch on your Smart TV and connect with internet network.   

Step 2: Now look for Disney Plus app on your channel’s store.

Step 3: Here you just need to click for downloading the app.

Step 4: Once click it is ready to Install on your Smart TV.

Step 5: Now using your Disney Plus subscribed account log in to the app. 

Note: If you do not already have a Disney Plus account, create one.

Step 6: Here you’ll be assigned a unique number when you check into the app. 

Step 7: You’ll need this one-of-a-kind code to enable your account on your device.

Step 8: Now, just launch your browser and navigate to Login/Begin code.”

Step 9: You will be taken to a new page where you will be required to enter an activation code.

Step 10: Click “Activate” and then “Activate” after entering the activation code.

Your system may only take a few seconds to recognize the correct code for your Smart TV, after which you will receive a notification on your device. You can now watch an unlimited number of channels on your television and enjoy the best TV shows and Movies airing on the Disney Plus.

How to get Disney Plus on your Apple TV & Roku?    

Apple TV is another popular device in US where people watch various online video streaming services including Disney Plus. And to install the Disney plus on your Apple TV watch the steps given below.   

Steps to Download Disney Plus on your Apple TV: 

Step 1: For Disney plus begin download this app on your Apple TV, navigate to the Apple TV App Store and install Disney Plus.

Step 2: After you installing the app, it should appear in the upper or lower right corner of your screen, allowing you to log in to your Disney Plus account.

Step 3: Now select a previously created profile from the on-screen options if you have one.

Step 4: Here you can choose the type of television show or film you want to watch.

Steps to Download Disney Plus on your Roku TV: 

Step 1: To start use your Roku TV to log in to your Disney Plus account.

Step 2: Now you will receive an activation code when you log into the mobile app.

Step 3: Here just go to “” in your browser and enter the Disney Plus activation code.

Step 4: Now press the “Activate” button and wait for the system to complete and match the existing code.

Step 5: Once processing is complete, you will have access to all Disney Plus content on your Roku device.

This the best way for start and enjoy the unlimited content on your device. Yes, if you follow the process and steps discussed above you can get Disney Plus on your laptop or mobile. However, meanwhile if you face any kind of problem you can get help from Disney Plus customer support service center where tech expert will help you resolve your problem as per your convenience.

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