Bad Santa on HBO Max and Other Movies Like It

Bad Santa

Can you watch Bad Santa on HBO Max anymore? No, you actually cannot. You do have the option of watching it elsewhere. You will love it a lot. Bad Santa is a movie about two thieves who hit malls dressed as Santa and his elf every year. And guess who is the getaway driver? Of course, Santa’s wife. Also, it talks about a beautiful relationship between Santa and a young, innocent boy he finds. Without further ado, let us get right onto the topic and see some more movies like that. 

National Lampoon’s Vacation

Now this is one of the road trip comedies that you will love a lot. The movie is about the Griswold family who embark upon a cross country trip. The movies are made just for you. They are hilarious and magnificent in equal measure. We really wish you took the time to watch it with your family. Just make sure you have some remedy for laughter. Does it sound interesting to you so far? We bet it does. Several movies will keep you entertained throughout the weekend. There you go. Your weekend is now sorted, we guess. 


This one is a classic straight out of the lanes of nostalgia. Are you ready to take a trip back to your childhood? Then meet the Ghostbusters. They are professional paranormal experts who will take care of your ghost problem for the right fee. The movie was incredibly successful. It even became a cultural phenomenon in its own right. Everything about it is very remarkable and magnificent. You and your family will definitely have a blast. All the characters did a wonderful job playing their part to literal perfection. You need to watch this one to experience the full pleasure. 

Ghostbusters II

We are sure you will agree a classic requires a sequel. Ghostbusters is no different. We follow the adventures of the intrepid crew of paranormal experts in their newest exploit. However, do you know critics did not like the sequel that much? Of course, who will you be if you tone down the message and themes of the previous movie? Nevertheless, people did watch Ghostbusters II because of the loyal fan base it had made. If you wish, you can most definitely give this magnificent movie a shot. You will love it a lot and that’s a guarantee. 


Gobsmacking and hilarious is what critics call this gem of a movie. A highly intolerable family moves into a house next door. They do not understand that the ghosts of a recently deceased couple haunt the house and are waiting to sink their fangs in the newcomers. Just take a wild guess who they contact for the cleanup. It is none other than the obnoxious, highly sinister bio-exorcist known to one and all as Beetlejuice. What follows is a tale of comedy and antics. You will have a lot of fun watching the movie and that is a guarantee. 

Police Academy

It appears this is a season for comedy movies. One after the other we deliver the finest classics straight to your doorstep. Police Academy, a gem from 1984, is right here with all the goodness of old humour and great acting. There is a new recruitment policy in town. Just about anybody can walk in through the doors and be recruited. You can very well imagine how this presents a whole lot of problems from the city administration and other people as well. Do what you will, make sure you watch this movie for the sheer hilarity that ensues.

Knives Out

Here is a magnificent movie for you. Looking for a slick and stylish movie? You will have a lot of fun watching this movie. Benoit Blanc is a famous private detective summoned to a wealthy family to investigate the murder of the patriarch. What follows is a hilarious, brutal examination of family secrets and skeletons in the closet. Daniel Craig is simply awesome in his avatar as the suave, intelligent Blanc. Also, the rest of the cast has done a wonderful job. We cannot get enough of them even after watching so many times. 

Bad Moms

2016 was a nice year for some exceptional movies. Bad Moms features very high on that list, and we will give it a glowing endorsement. It has an extremely cast of characters, many of whom you will instantly recognize. Telling you about the plot even at this point will only mean spoilers. We cannot have spoilers so early in the movie. Quite possibly you will find the movie on Netflix, but if not there are some other streaming platforms as well. By all means it is quite a wonderful flick. And you will have a lot of fun watching it. 

The Batman

We all grew up watching Nolan’s masterpiece in one way or the other. Many of us even wanted to become Batman at some point in our lives. But the recent flick starring Robert Pattinson is no lesser cinema by any means. We see a dark, matured version of the earlier movies where Batman is battling several criminal masterminds at once. You find iconic villains from the franchise here. There is The Penguin, played by an extraordinary Christian Bale. The movie is a tribute to our favourite superhero and a testament to his superhuman willpower and strength. 

The Matrix

We invite you to come and taste the cyberpunk genre. It is really weird and wacky, with a really heavy dose of Eastern philosophy. Perhaps that is why it found massive fame the moment it was released way back in time. You would be doing yourself a favour if you watch the original movie and recommend it to more friends and family. Even the recent and final instalment of the movie is really good. But then one again, talk about a movie bucking beneath its own legacy. You can still give it a watch for old times’ sake. 


There are several legends from World War II, especially among the pilots of the Royal Air Force. They are mischievous creatures that used to get inside planes and mess with the controls of the craft. Here is the story. A young boy suddenly receives a strange creature as a pet. This curious creature then spawns a lot of other creatures that start creating havoc all over the town. What follows is a bloodthirsty tale of surviving monsters and helping people in the middle of an incredible disaster. Watch this movie and be ready for some serious chills and thrillers. 

The Medium

Folk horror movies have stormed the forefront of cinema for quite a few years now. If you found The Forest to your taste, you will also fall in love with The Medium. It follows a Thai medium who discovers a host of demons have invaded her teenage niece. These demons are now making her do a series of horrifying things. We kid you not, there is a sequence of shots from CCTV cameras which will freeze the very blood in your veins. Watch this movie only if you can stand some of the most horrifying scenes in cinematic history. 

Man Bites Dog

Let us recommend you an extremely dark flick. The language of the movie is in French. When it came out several critics called for it to be banned. Do you want to know why the movie has so much shock value? A film crew follows a serial killer. As he goes about his horrific schedule every day. But then in a surprising turn of events, they start participating in the crimes very eagerly. The violence is nihilistic and incredible. If you are a sensitive viewer, do not watch it at all. It is quite frightening. 

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