Why Acquire Tungsten Rings for your Wedding

Tungsten Rings

For years, tungsten rings have set trends in the United States. They are favorite among many due to their durability. Do you need to know how durable they are? You are in the right place. Let’s dig deep and discover why tungsten rings have quickly gained popularity in the jewelry industry.

How durable are tungsten wedding rings?

Tungsten rings are gaining popularity because of their materials. They are made from tungsten carbide. Infact, the tungsten carbide combines 80% tungsten and 20% carbon, which can be an alternative to nickel.

Among the most durable men’s wedding bands, tungsten is very popular.  are the best, and they require less maintenance and will last years regardless of your activities. Due to their extreme hardness, tungsten rings are highly scratch resistant and can maintain their sparkling properties for years. However, they are brittle if smashed or slammed on hard surfaces.

Why choose tungsten rings? 

Although tungsten rings are durable and scratch-resistant, other vital things make them ideal for weddings. Not sure about it? Check the following reasons why acquiring one is worth your investment.

  1. Cost effective 

Planning for an engagement might be stressful. It’s a fact weddings have considerable expenses. The wedding rings are among the costs. Acquiring a tungsten ring can help when it comes to your wedding budget.

Compared to gold, they are affordable and more durable. You can get more pricey rings that might not meet your needs. However, starting from $200, you can get a tungsten ring lasting years, if not your lifetime.

  1. Highly hypoallergenic 

Worry no more if you are among the people whose skin is prone to reactions. Tungsten is highly hypoallergenic; therefore, expect no reactions when wearing your wedding ring. Over the years, there have never been any allergic reactions reported from people who purchase tungsten rings; thus, your skin will stay protected.

  1. Easy to customize

like any other rings available, tungsten rings are customizable. Resizing your ring is impossible; therefore, buying your accurate size is essential. But you are the one to decide on color, style, and overall look. This way, you can customize your ring to stand out by choosing the appropriate color and style. Doing so allows you to own a ring you won’t find any random person wearing.

  1. Suitable for any setting 

Tungsten Wedding rings are suitable to fit any environment, allowing you to wear your ring whether at job premises or even when traveling. It doesn’t matter which activities you will engage in throughout the day, as they are durable and scratch resistant. Additionally, the rings feature a perfect fit; therefore, you don’t need to take it off or worry about losing your ring.

  1. They can last for years

Lastly, tungsten rings are known for their durability. The rings are strong and can resist scratches adequately. If you engage yourself in physical activities or gymnastics, you’re lucky. Tungsten rings are made from solid material, so their lifespan beats even gold. Purchasing tungsten is an investment worth your cash.


Weddings are among the most celebrated occasions. This is ideal for preparing your day and getting everything in order. Getting quality rings to exchange vows is necessary among the many preparations you need. If you’re not sure which rings to acquire, trust tungsten rings. They are long-lasting, affordable, and scratch resistant.

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