Answers to Everything You’ve Wanted to Know About Bingo

Answers to Everything You've Wanted to Know About Bingo

Most players take to online Bingo for fun, as the rules tend to be quite simple and easy to follow. With the popularity of the game continuing to rise, fun facts about Bingo continue to appear for those of you with inquiring minds or if you fancy yourself as a pub quiz legend! So, with that in mind, continue reading to see our top picks of the most interesting and fun facts surrounding the popular game of Bingo.

#1: Bingo was called ‘Beano’

That’s right! – the game wasn’t always called Bingo. The original version of the game used to be called ‘Beano’, this was because players used to cover their numbers with beans instead of using a marker. Imagine that was still the case – how would online Bingo work?

The game we all know and love only became known as Bingo after an entrepreneur from New York, Edwin S Lowe, got a group of friends together to play, and allegedly one of the players got so excited and screamed out “Bingo” instead of beano when they had won.

#2 UK Bingo cards are different in the US

We have many similarities between ourselves and our friends across the pond. However, these similarities seem to end with our Bingo cards! The UK normally favour playing 90-ball Bingo which is the faster paced version of the game, whilst the US commonly plays 75-ball Bingo, which is played at a slower pace and can be less challenging, so perfect for beginners.

#3 Most Players are Female 

The most common winning name in Bingo is Margaret! It would seem that there are more women than men who play Bingo, with the ratio being an average of 70% of players being female at land-based casinos, and 80% online. 

#4 Scotland Loves Bingo the Most

With a massive one in five Scots playing Bingo, it’s easy to see how it has become such a popular game in their country. Only one in twenty people play in the South of England, a massive difference to the number of players you’ll find in Scotland! We have no idea why so many Scots love Bingo, could be the weather or maybe there’s just something in the water!

#5 A Game a Day

48% of regular Bingo players play at least one quick round of the classic game every day. For many people, this routine is as normal as waking up and brushing their teeth, and acts as a perfect way to unwind after a long day at work. This love for Bingo is what keeps the flame alive for the game, and how nearly half of all players come back for at least one game each day!

#6 Bigger than Most Sports

In the UK, more people spend time playing Bingo than most sporting events. Around 1.9 million of Brits play Bingo every year. This is just as popular as football which has a figure of around 1.9 million, and more popular than tennis which has around 1.7 million Brits playing every year.

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