Reddit Guide: How to Promote Your Cannabis Business in 5 Steps

Promote Your Cannabis Business

If you regularly follow the news, there is a good chance you will see a link to Reddit at some point. The resource has gained a lot of popularity over the past few years. It is designed to exchange articles, news, and interesting content between users.

In a matter of months, the platform has grown to unprecedented sizes and began to overtake its competitors in the market. Reddit has become a platform for discussion as well as an opportunity to share content between community users. Discussions are an integral part of the website, which means that a lot of people visit the website to chat and find people with whom they have something in common. So, these days, it’s a great place to connect with like-minded people who might be your next clients.

How to Market Your Business on Reddit

There are five great ways to promote your cannabis business on Reddit and attract potential clients. But first, you should sign up and create an account because it is essential to be logged in to start using the following tools. If you have trouble posting articles on Reddit, address the, an expert in the niche.

The site is in the TOP-10 in terms of attendance in the US. Reddit is a content-sharing platform and social network with strict moderation rules in one place. It is forbidden to advertise directly here. The popularity of an account is determined by other users — by votes and comments. The larger the audience you can bring to the dialogue, the higher your performance on the platform will be.

Step 1: Find Relevant Subreddits

First of all, you should find your target audience. To do this, you need to define the Subreddits that fit your search conditions. To achieve this, use the search bar and enter the desired keywords that describe your product or service.

Choose the communities where you want to add value with your content and information. Thus, you will find more potential clients and attract the attention of visitors to your brand. Join the potential subreddits to analyze the content posted there and post yours later.

Step 2: Analyze and Plan

Of course, you can start posting right away after you find the necessary subreddits. But the main idea of successful posts on Reddit is engagement and value. In that way, it is reasonable to first analyze the top posts and understand what exactly attracts the users. Of course, this will take some time but allow you to create a working strategy that will bring profitable results.

Of course, the content should be unique and engage the people, which is definitely hard to achieve. In that way, it is worth analyzing the posts people like and that become popular. There are two ways to find the most popular content on Reddit:

  • Click the “hot” posts and choose the timeframe that you are interested in.

  • Add /top/ to the URL of the subreddit.

Step 3. Build Up Karma

It is essential to remember that new accounts are not trusted by the community. The most respected posts are made by the established account, which is quite reasonable, right? Moreover, Reddit attracts the attention of many link builders who don’t want to add value to the community but just want to profit from placing links. However, this is not at all how Reddit works.

So, here is your plan on earning trust on Reddit. When you upvote the post, the person gets Karma. It could be positive or negative depending on the vote you gave them. You should increase your score with the help of positive Karma. Don’t ignore it if you need to attract the attention of users to your future content.

Step 4: Share Your Content

After you spend some time and have built up your Karma on the website, you can start sharing your own content. Don’t forget about looking for the relevant subreddits and sharing valuable information with the users. Try to create something that will be useful and engaging. You should also remember that direct advertising is not the best way to achieve success here. Try to catch the interest of the readers so that they would want to get even more information about your product or service.

Don’t forget that your website should be accessible and optimized so that engaged users would find everything they are interested in. The best way to achieve it is to create a strategy. SEO-website promotion includes three key areas: external, internal optimization, and analytics. Invest some time and resources into it, and you will get better results in no time.

Step 5: Create a Personalized Subreddit

You should spend some time to understand what content exactly attracts more upvotes and is interesting for the users. You should also share links and insight to the community as regularly as possible. Once you will do that, you can think about launching your personalized subreddit. It might be efficient to market your brand this way.

More Options

Another option is using Reddit Ads. This ad network does indeed have business potential in the retail and corporate market segments, i.e., B2B and B2C. Your ad will appear in the form of a Reddit post with a “promoted post” note in the bottom right corner. This means that usually your ad can be seen at the top of a sub-forum page (the so-called “subreddit”), or it will pop up in the feed as a post with a native ad. Reddit has reasonable ad placement rates and starts at $1.5 CPM.

But should you use Reddit for advertising? It is not clear yet — there are various reviews on the Internet. By adding Reddit to your list of pay-per-click websites, you can target communities, interests, and geographic locations along with other targeting options. Be sure to understand what you want to accomplish with your marketing, what your audience needs/desires, and consider using omnichannel marketing for cannabusinesses to enhance your approach to marketing — especially if you plan to use Reddit to advertise your business.

You should also pay increased attention to Reddit’s policy concerning advertising. It allows only “ads for topical and non-ingestible hemp-derived CBD products” in the US. As for Canada, you can post “ads for cannabis products and services.”

In Conclusion

Reddit is one of the most popular websites today. This makes it a great opportunity to promote your brand and drive traffic to your website. This is a great place to start discussions and meet other people who have similar interests or concerns. These are the people who can help you and your brand become more successful. Whatever the purpose of using the Reddit platform, you need to make sure that the promotion service company you choose understands your business goals well and has positive statistics on the effectiveness of their upvote and downvote system.

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