Travel to Vietnam – The 10 Best Things to See in Vietnam

Things to See in Vietnam

A long narrow country in Far East Asia, Vietnam is a place of remarkable and diverse sceneries. Pressed between the South China Sea, Cambodia, and Laos, it is rich with mountains, lush green rice promenades, beautiful beaches, fruitful delta, and moorlands that are attractive to all the visitors. Even the cities are rich with culture and significant landmarks that define the importance of this country and all the struggles it had to go in the 20th-century.

Vietnam is full of different landscapes, modern cities, traditional villages, islands and historical sites that are visited by millions of people each year. It is one of the best places to visit all year round, due to its amazing weather. For someone who wants to explore a country along with mingling with the locals, taking snaps of the beautiful landmarks, Vietnam is the perfect place to head out. From scouting the world’s largest cave to meeting new people in the cities and villages, Vietnam is another name for adventure. In this article, we are going to discuss the 10 best things to see in Vietnam.

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With that stated, let’s find out what are the 10 best things to see in Vietnam.

Halong Bay

Halong bay is a unique place with more than 1600 limestone towers mounting from the clear blue waters. For this reason, it is always on the bucket list of every tourist in Vietnam. It is truly a magnificent place to visit and is considered as the most beautiful spot in Vietnam, which is why it tops our list too. The size of this bay is huge; but with its serene beauty, everyone wants a piece of it. So it is always crowded. The view of these limestone towers are just mouthwatering and you have to see it to believe it.

Bai Tu Long Bay

Bai Tu Long Bay is located just a few miles away from Halong Bay. It offers a spectacular landscape with jaw-dropping sceneries. The best thing about this place is that unlike Halong Bay, it is less crowded and less explored. There are many caves and multiple small beaches. Head out to this bay by boarding a boat from Halong Bay and enjoy your visit in the serene and peaceful environment of this beautiful bay. You can enjoy fresh seafood, cooked in the traditional Vietnamese way, along with some other cuisines.

World’s Largest Cave

Located in the province of Quang Binh, the world largest cave is one of the best features of Vietnam and everyone should visit this unique part of the planet. Known as Hang Son Doong, this cave is truly beautiful and at the same time immensely huge. You can literally fit a skyscraper in it.

Located near the Laos border, this whole area is puzzled with hundreds of big and small, deep and shallow caves. To visit these caves and fully explore them, one must hire the services of a guide and rent all the gear that is important for a cave adventure. The town of Phong Nha is the best to find the perfect guide and gear for your cave exploration. You can also do some trekking around this small town.

Mekong River Delta

Cruising in Mekong River Delta is one of the best things to do in Vietnam. Surrounded by lush green rice paddies and forests, this place hasn’t changed much and the way of living is almost the same as it was some centuries before.

You can take a ride in a boat along with some fruits to enjoy in the river. Enjoy the smooth river ride and gazing at faraway riverbanks and take pictures of this amazing experience.

Eating Vietnamese Pho

This is more of a thing to do instead of seeing. Vietnamese Pho is a traditional dish of Vietnam. It is a tasty meal that is made from quick simple ingredients such as boiled beef, herbs, green onions and clear stock. This dish is easily available on different restaurants and street corner food stalls all over Vietnam. Hanoi is considered as the Pho capital of Vietnam, and we recommend you to eat this delicious food there to maximize its taste.

Different War Museums

Vietnam has a bloody past. It was involved in decade’s long war and one cannot ignore the fact that majority of the population living in this beautiful country is born after the war. Although, as a nation, they have moved on, the dead from both sides are still honored and their memory commemorated in their cities.

Ho Chi Minh City museum has different galleries where you can find informative exhibits and photographs that tell a lot about the war and all the sacrifices that were made to gain independence. You can also visit War Remnant Museum, but only if you are up for some graphic exhibits that show the brutal side of the war.

Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park

This beautiful park has been designated a world heritage site since 2003 and it contains some of the oldest Karst Mountains in Asia. This area is filled with forest, excessive wildlife and hundreds of caves.

Tan KY House

This house was built 2 centuries ago by a cultural Vietnamese family. This house is considered to be the purest structure of Vietnam still preserved in its original state. You must visit it to know the roots of Vietnam architecture and culture. You can also see the Chinese and Japanese influence on the architecture.

Ban Gioc Waterfall

Ban Gioc Waterfall is one of the best-known waterfalls of Vietnam. Its images can be seen all over Vietnam in different museums, hotels, and guesthouses. This waterfall provides a magnificent site and you should definitely visit it.

Cannon Fort

Take photos of this colorful fort as it has one of the best views in Vietnam. Located in Cat Ba Island, this fort provides an amazing view of the forest. Target the beautiful sights with your camera, not with cannon.

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