Why Real Estate Mobile App Is Essential For The Real Estate Industry?

Real Estate Mobile App

Real Estate Mobile app development has proved to be a boon for real estate companies. Almost 60% to 70% of the generation uses mobile apps on their smart phones. Hence with the establishment of this app, real estate business is growing in leaps and bounds. In today’s fast-moving world, who has the time to go around from one place to another in search of reliable agents to get into a good deal? Real estate mobile app development companies come to the rescue.

What are the beneficial effects of installing a real estate mobile app?

With the advent of real estate app development, finding real valuable properties, the terms, and conditions and several other important pieces of information, is just one click away from you. It allows the developer and the broker to coordinate. If you are a seller, you can stay connected with the customers round the clock. The customer’s also get an approachable property list with the Geo location data. Additionally, buying or selling real estate properties can be done at the comforts of your home.

How Beneficial This App Is For The Realtors?

Smart phones and mobile app are the two most essential things owned by a businessman. It assists them in marketing as well as to communicate. Realtors need the app in order to be visible on a strong in-hand platform. Whenever any user registers under an app and provides his requirements which match the realtor’s property the realtor gets a push notification and vice-versa. This app also helps to generate traffic on the real website of the realtor and increases the brand value. Using a real estate mobile app development is quite different from viewing a real estate website on the mobile. The website content on the mobile screen gets congested and becomes difficult to navigate. Whereas mobile apps are a convenient option for customers.

How To Utilize The App for Boosting Sales?

Visual Media is experiencing more response from the customers than any written communication. Hence targeting the customers through mobile app development is not a big deal. Realtors need to be active and prompt and easily accessible. The real estate agents must maintain an organized app which is acceptable by the clients. They need to set different parameters along with the properties so that the customers can use the filter to search for their requirements. Also, realtors can store the users search listings, preferences and few necessary back-ups through the cloud.

Impressive Features Of The Real Estate Mobile app

With a clear concept of a particular property, it becomes easier for a user to verify a deal. Listed below are some of the striking features of the app:

3-Dimensional View: This is an appealing feature as it provides an attractive and clearly depicted 3D picture of the property. It helps the users to have an entire look of the property and go ahead if they find it interesting.

Add To Favorites: A small and helpful tool of the app, the Favorites, allows the user to shortlist some of their favorite properties.

Calendar Marking: This feature enables you to make a note of the dates on which a particular property has been viewed.

Broker’s Information: You get to know all the necessary details of the broker dealing with the property and hence contacting the person in charge makes it a convenient process.

Seller’s Information: In case a property is directly sold by the owner and no middle man is involved, you can directly contact the seller through telephone or by sending an email or an SMS, as you get this information too.

Map: You get to know the location of the property through the Map feature and ensure whether you are comfortable with the zone.

Filters: This feature allows you to select the properties based on its price, area and other related points. You can select “High to Low” and “Low to High” property ranges.

Discussion Forum: The most important feature is perhaps the discussion forum where you can discuss your concerns regarding the property with a consultant in charge and get a clear picture of the deal.

How To Use The Application?

Both customers and brokers can use the real estate mobile app development services conveniently. For using the app, one needs to register his account using the email address. The account can be edited and updated. The admin verifies the profile thereby allowing the user to continue with the search process. On applying various filters such as price range, area, etc. the app shows all the available properties coming under the desired parameters. On opening a particular property icon, the user gets all the relevant information regarding the offer. User can upload their property details which they are about to sell. A subscription procedure follows in order to enable you to continue the use of the app. You can make the payment online and through the app.

How Can The Admin Manage The App?

Admin panel can edit and manage all the concerns regarding the property. It can control the sections like purchase request and selling request. The users i.e. both buyers and sellers can be governed by the admin. Adding new properties and removing the old and invalid one can also be adjusted. Any other price-related feature like currency converter or acceptance of the payment of subscription will also be looked after by the admin.

A single dealer cannot be relied on to spread the business and handle so many functionalities at the same time. By providing an easy search for properties, information and all the satisfactory details, real estate app development has become the best real estate business solution.

Hence to face the challenges of today’s real estate competitive world, adopt a dynamic, vibrant and easily navigable mobile app development service. And we at Guru TechnoLabs, brings you the best developers and professionals to build a user friendly, and dynamic Real Estate Mobile App in your budget.