Our Advice on Finding the Best Yacht Charters in Greece This Summer

Yacht Charters in Greece

If you want to organise a private holiday for your family and friends by sailing along the Greek coast, you should look for a yacht charter in Greece. Travelling the this beautiful Mediterranean coastline and exploring the dozens of islands of this historic nation can be unforgettable if you travel on a yacht, where you have comfort and immense flexibility to manage your itinerary as per your needs.

However, chartering a yacht requires expert knowledge, and if you are doing this for the first time, you will need some advice. In this article, we will share with you some crucial details which you should look at when you charter a yacht. 

1. What Type of Yacht Do You Want to Charter?

Once you have decided to enjoy a holiday in Greece by chartering a yacht, you must first research the type of vessel you need that fulfils your requirements. The size of the boat plays a big role in the overall comfort of your guests.  

Research different types of yachts, and you will find that people generally categorise them into four types. 

  • The Mega Yacht: It is almost like a small ship, and it offers the best five-star experience you can have on a ship. This type of boat is also the most expensive among all yacht charter types. 
  • The Motor Yacht: These are smaller than the mega yachts and ideal for smaller groups who want to explore small coves or beautiful isolated beaches.  
  • The Catamaran: Unlike the traditional yacht, which is single-hulled, the catamaran design has two hulls. This unique design offers more space and greater stability on the boat. 
  • The sailboat: If you want to experience the traditional boat life on your vacation, where you can intimately feel the sea, then a sailboat is a great option. 

2. Destination

The coastline of Greece is quite extensive, and numerous islands surround this beautiful country. Therefore, carefully prepare your itinerary to enjoy the beautiful sights, historical monuments, fantastic cuisine, and amazing culture of this great nation on your trip. However, if you are looking for something private, you can ask the company that provides yacht charters in Greece, and they will give you a list of more secluded areas to stop off on your trip.  

3. What Type of Amenities does the Yacht Provide?

Check all the amenities present in the yacht. Here you must remember that the more amenities a yacht offers, the more you have to pay. Therefore, carefully check the amenities that you will use and weigh these against the price to find the best deal for you. 

4. Does it Have Water Sports equipment?

If you want to enjoy an active holiday, wherein you play different kinds of water sports, you must choose the equipment carefully. Yacht charter companies can provide multiple water sports equipment(s) on demand like jet skis, dinghy, scuba diving equipment, etc. 

Sailing on a yacht charter in Greece can be a once-in-a-lifetime experience if you have planned your journey well and will undoubtedly give you memories you will treasure for a lifetime.

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