About Mitsubishi cars

About Mitsubishi cars

When you’re choosing a driving present, although it’s a generous gift and everyone likes fast rally cars, you want to make sure you get the present they want the most!So you’ve got to think (it’s the thought counts – awww!) about what driving level the person you’re buying the rally driving present for is at? If they’ve never been rallying before, you want to go for the beginners courses which are in “slower” rally cars, that are much easier and the person you’re buying it for will probably get more satisfaction out of, rather than being slightly frightened at the adrenalin rush of trying to go as fast as possible round trees and rocks!

If they’ve done some rallying / racing before then you might want to go for a more advanced rally driving present where they get to drive faster cars! Or they might be an experienced driver who does a lot of driving for example like someone who always drives a van in the day or maybe even a truck driver, and so they know some basics already. They might also be interested in rallying so you could ask them; “what’s your all timefavourite rally car?” If they answer Ford Escort Mark 2, Subaru Impreza or Mitsubishi Evo (which is likely!) then choose a present that has that car to drive in it. They’ll be delighted, because some people never get the privilege of doing the incredibly exciting thing of driving your all time dream rally car covers!

Perhaps they / you own a 4 x 4, or live in a place where 4 x 4’s are useful or maybe even someone who has come off the road at some point (especially in the extreme snowy climate we must all remember right now!) and they want some training in off road driving. Most rally schools have 4 x 4’s like Land Rovers for example and highly trained and experienced instructors to go with them, so it’s a safe bet to buy a 4 x 4 driving present for someone who is in some way interested in 4 x 4’s. 4 x 4 driving presents are mostly cheaper than the rally ones anyway, and they can be considered more “beginner” activities because they are slower, but they can also be more challenging on the advanced courses.

Either way, your loved one / friend or you will have the ride of your life when you purchase a rally driving present! Life’s too fast, so don’t let it pass you by booking today to get a highly valuable skill that can save lives and accidents, and build huge assuring confidence!Please check out the website right now for some top tips and where to find the right rally driving present by clicking here rally driving present, you’re going to love it.

Fun With the Mitsubishi Eclipse

From it’s beginnings in 1990, the Mitsubishi Eclipse has been a fun car. Many young people are attracted to the fun design of this little sports coupe. While the car has done quite well for Mitsubishi dealerships across the United States, the car is quite popular as a used car as well.The car was named after a racehorse from the eighteenth century that won an astounding 26 races in one year. Like its namesake, the sports car has eclipsed many other cars in its class.Because of an alliance between Mitsubishi and Chrysler, the Eclipse was not the only sports coupe with this design that was released at this time. Though most do not realize it, the Mitsubishi Eclipse is not an only child. A close look at two other automobiles will reveal that the car has relatives or twins is more likely the case. The twins are known to most as the Eagle Talon and the Plymouth Laser. Slight design changes and a much more aggressive advertising campaign led the Mitsubishi Eclipse to the top of the pact. Not surprisingly all three of the vehicles were produced in the same plant.There are Mitsubishi car clubs in most states and the central theme seems to be added an assortment of aftermarket parts to achieve interesting and unique results. From distinctive ground effects to unusual spoiler designs, the sky seems to be the limit for changing the looks of the car.These aftermarket car kits are fairly easy to come by but some novices may have difficulty installing them if a screwdriver is a new instrument to them. However, on the good side of this there are many Mitsubishi Eclipse forums out there and most of the time they appear to be quite helpful. The sites themselves appear to be run by Eclipse owners who are bound to have plenty of advice to give on what to buy and how to do it.

There is some debate on which year was the Mitsubishi Eclipse’s best year. 1996 saw a major body style change and some feel that this was not in keeping with the traditional look of the Eclipse. The numbers definitely agree with this opinion as 1996 saw a definite slip in sales. Many linked this drop in sales directly with the body style change. Most complaints centered around the shorter and thicker body that was given to the 1996 Eclipse. This was a definite departure from the long lines and curvaceous body that the previous year models had carried. Where this was, the reason is still a matter of debate; however, the designers at Mitsubishi must have felt this was a possibility because by the year 2000, the longer look of the early nineties returned.The sports car appears to have a sound following and one can expect this cute little sports car will continue to be a popular one for a while.Ronnie Tanner is a contributing writer at Eclipse Car Tuner. He writes about Mitsubishi Eclipse body kits

Get to Know Your Japanese Cars

What is it about Japanese cars that make them popular all over the world? A lot of satisfied car owners have developed a long-standing relationship with their Japanese-brand cars because of reliability and aesthetic appeal. Let’s take a closer look at three of the oldest, most-loved Japanese car brands and see what they are widely known for.


In 1937, the Toyota Motor Company was established following the completion of the AA Sedan in 1936. Several factory expansions and business partnerships later, Toyota launched the Corolla in 1966. The Corolla remains as one of the most popular Japanese cars on the market. Another top-selling model is the Toyota Camry. The Camry has been named America’s best-selling car; it’s been on the top spot in the American market for the past decade. The company has factories in the United States, China, and France. In 1997, Toyota launched the world’s first hybrid car. The Prius has been rated by the United States Environmental Protection Agency and California Air Resources Board as among the cleanest cars sold in the United States based on smog-forming emissions.


Honda was primarily known as a motorcycle and internal combustion engine manufacturer. When Honda released its first sports car the S500 in 1963, there was no turning back, and the production of Japanese cars began in earnest in 1967 at Honda’s Suzuka factory. What came from the production line a few years later and introduced in the United States in 1972 is one of Honda’s most popular cars to date: the Honda Civic. The American market gave Honda a warm reception, and Honda of America began the assembly of the Honda Accord in 1982. Honda Motors expanded its engineering research base to include robotics, and in 2004, Honda introduced ASIMO, a robot that can walk and climb stairs on its own. ASIMO is a helper, and was actually designed to help people carry objects and open doors.


Mitsubishi Motors traces its history to 1870, the foundation year of the Tsukumo Shokai Company. Mitsubishi Heavy-Industries can trace its origins to the shipping company. In 1917 it launched one of the pioneers of Japanese mass-produced passenger cars: the Mitsubishi Model A. Throughout the Sixties Mitsubishi produced passenger cars such as the Minica and the Colt 1500. It was during the 1970s when Mitsubishi Motors became an independent company, producing heavy vehicles such as trucks and buses aside from cars. The company was reborn again in 2003, specializing in passenger cars. Mitsubishi’s line of sports utility vehicles are among the most popular in the SUV and 4-wheel-drive market today.

Other Japanese car brands such as Nissan, Mazda, and Lexus also contribute to the popularity of Japan as the home of reliable cars. Years of painstaking research and development efforts by engineers have resulted in vehicles that are efficient, reliable, and continually modified and improved to fit people’s needs and lifestyles. Without a doubt, Japanese cars are among the best in the automotive market.Kyoko Nitori is a maintainer of tradecarview, the largest online used cars marketplace in Japan. Tradecarview offers a well maintained and high-quality Japanese used car such as Toyota Premio, Vitz and Corolla. Furthermore, high-end and cost economical vehicle of your choice. Give us a ring at this number, +81-3-6863-5408.