Casino. Is This Madness Or A Way To Blow Off Steam?


We already know that gambling appeared back then. The first mention refers to the ancient times. Archaeologists have found some dice created a few thousand years before Christ. It is believed that these items were used for magic rituals and fortune-telling. Only then they became an attribute of gambling.

The history of a real casino began in Venice in 1638. The first gambling establishment in Europe was opened there on a legal basis. The name of the casino was Il Ridotto and the word “casino” itself means “a small house” in Italian.

The thing is that before the first legal casino was opened, gambling took place in private houses. Along with gambling, the audience was entertained by music and dancing as well as meals and drinks. It’s considered that the aim of Il Ridotto casino was to amuse people during the Venetian carnival. Only the noble ones were allowed to enter the gambling establishment because the bets were huge.

Il Ridotto was pretty beneficial to the state as it had to pay high taxes. However, the church was against this kind of entertainment and this negative attitude forced the government to make gambling illegal. That is why the first official casino in the world was closed.

Since that time, things have changed a lot. Now, not only do we have countless land-based options to choose from all over the world but also can start gambling right from a smartphone whenever we want it. Just check it at


Psychology. What do experts say about casinos?

From any point of view, casinos are built to make money. Not to give it away. Of course, if you’re lucky, you can win something. But games like blackjack, roulette or slots, are designed in such a way that the chance of losing is always greater than the chance of winning.

Psychologists have discovered that gambling is nothing but a clever psychological technique. It ranges from the atmosphere of gambling establishments to the rules of the game. According to, players constantly receive a psychological “reward” there and do not rush to quit the game, even if they lose money. Let’s see which psychological tricks casinos use until now:

  • Color influence
  • Music choices during the game
  • Human reaction to charm
  • Location of restaurants inside the casino
  • Services for visitors including free drinks
  • Generous bonuses

Color influence

Most gamblers tend to be unreasonably optimistic during the game. They believe that it’s possible to win more money than they have lost. However, things don’t always work that way.

Another trap is that people inevitably think and worry about their money when placing bets. That is why casinos offer to use tokens. They do so in order to “free gamers’ minds” and hide the real value of money. Once you’ve exchanged cash for chips, making bets is no longer scary.

Asians and their example. The most gambling Asian countries.

Planning a trip to Asia to gamble there? You’re in luck! The thing is that the region is a home to the world’s top gambling destinations. Most of them rival the atmosphere of Vegas with ease. From skyscrapers to luxury resorts, Asia is the finest place to visit for an overwhelming gambling experience.

Which countries are preferable for such a holiday? Feel free to place on your travel bucket list:

1. Breathtaking Singapore

Truth be told, there are only 2 casinos. But what they lack in numbers, they compensate through quality and originality. Everyone who has ever visited Marina Bay Sands or Resorts World Sentosa can tell that these are some of the finest gambling establishments out there. They will keep you busy by the hour together with ease.

2. Gambler’s paradise of Macau

Commonly called the Monte Carlo of the East, without a shred of a doubt, Macao is a paradise for gamblers. Numerous travelers visit it to place a bet or two in one of its fabulous casinos. Here, you will find several gambling establishments such as Venetian, City of Dreams and Grand Lisboa to name a few. For sure, they can bring in more revenue than Las Vegas.

3. Popular gambling retreat – the Philippines

You will run out of options while you’re in the Philippines. The selection of casinos to visit will depend on the place where you’re staying. If it’s Manila, we recommend you to try Resorts World Manila, Manila Bay Resorts, and Solaire Manila.

4. Cambodia

Nowadays, you can find a plethora of casinos there along the Vietnamese border. All of them compete against each other to draw in as many players as possible.

5. Malaysia

This country is hosting only one casino – the Resorts World Genting. Those who have ever visited it can tell you about its amazing views. There is also a broad selection of games from many genres. The grand total comes down to over four hundred table games and more than 3000 slots.

With its countless gambling destinations, Asia literally cannot disappoint you. Since the borders are open again, you’d be doing yourself a favor by visiting it.

Asia literally


Any person will stop any activity, unless they are rewarded for it. This is true for everything ranging from exercises to games. This mental trick is worth keeping in mind next time you visit a casino. Just use this knowledge to your advantage. For sure, you will get much more pleasure. Gambling is not a problem for anyone until it brings pleasure. Control your actions and get as many positive emotions as possible!

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