8 Hens Night Ideas

Hens Night Ideas

If your close friend or family member is getting married soon, you’re likely planning a hens night for her. This celebration is a great way to show the guest of honor how much you love her, and to wish her well on her upcoming marriage. The party you plan should reflect the interests and hobbies of your loved one to make sure she’ll never forget this special occasion. Here are some creative ideas to make Sydney hens nights enjoyable and interactive.

At-Home Spa Theme

Bringing the spa to the bride-to-be makes her feel pampered and appreciated. Purchase lush robes for everyone in the bridal party and ask a massage therapist and esthetician to come to your home and provide services for your guests. Serve cucumber water, play relaxing music, and use an oil diffuser to disperse calming scents like lavender or chamomile around the home.

Painting and Cocktails

An at-home party that includes painting and tasty cocktails is the perfect laidback hens night. Set up canvases for each party attendant and come up with a theme to guide everyone while painting. For instance, you can encourage everyone to paint a “portrait” of the bride-to-be, or to create pictures using the guest of honor’s favorite colors. Serve cocktails that include flavors your bestie enjoys, and offer appetizers like mini quiches and fresh fruit, or set up a burger or taco bar for everyone to indulge in.

Private Boat Party

Take your loved one on a private boat for a party to celebrate her engagement. Make sure the bridal party brings their most fashionable swimsuits for a fun photo shoot on the boat. Spend the day relaxing and being served by handsome or beautiful waiters who will treat the guest of honor like a queen throughout the day. You can even dock the boat for a while to sunbathe in the sand or go for a swim.

Winery Tour

A winery tour is a relaxed celebration that works well for a soon-to-be-bride who is laidback and enjoys quality wine. Choose a vineyard with a restaurant on-site or nearby to enjoy a delicious lunch or dinner. As you and the bridal party are sampling wines, you can request that the winery staff bring out a cake or a meat and cheese platter filled with the bride’s favorite ingredients to celebrate the occasion.

Hens Night Party Photo Shoot

A photo shoot is the perfect excuse to get dressed up and hire a professional makeup artist. Think of a theme for the photo shoot that fits a theme your guest of honor will enjoy (i.e. glam, sporty, sexy) and surprise her by bringing her to your home, where she’ll meet her own personal glam squad. Choose a location for the photo shoot and make sure the bridal party is ready to participate in photos and make sure the bride-to-be feels like a queen.

City Tours

If your bestie loves to explore and is always looking for a new restaurant or boutique to try, a city tour makes an ideal hens night. You can rent a limo or charter bus to take the wedding party to some of the city’s landmarks. Arrange for dinner at one of the best restaurants in the city, or take the bride-to-be to a boutique for a few hours of shopping. You can end the tour with a live show or concert to make the celebration complete.

Club Night

If the bride-to-be loves to dance the night away or has sentimental ties to the club where she and her fiance met, a late night filled with celebration is in order. Ask all the guests to meet at the home of the maid of honor to get dressed for the night. Arrange for a Hummer to pick the party guests up, and reserve a VIP table at the club. If possible, ask the bartenders to create a cocktail just for the guest of honor and request that the DJ play some of the bride-to-be’s favorite songs.

Treasure Hunt

A treasure hunt is a wonderful way to explore the city. This party idea also gets everyone moving, and it’s a creative way to give the guest of honor her gifts. You can leave clues all around the city to lead the bride-to-be to the place where she and her fiance went on their first date, said “I love you” for the first time, or got engaged. The treasure hunt can also help the soon-to-be-bride to recall fond memories associated with the city, such as where she went to high school or college, her childhood home, or the park where she used to play as a child. By the end of the hunt, she’ll have all of her hens’ party gifts, and the memory of a celebration she won’t soon forget.

These unique ideas will make your hens night one of a kind. Since this is likely the last party your loved one will have before she is a married woman, the party is a great time to send your bestie or family member into her new life with class and style.

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