Office Apps to Help Optimize Workflow

Office Apps to Help Optimize Workflow
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Digital transformation has altered the ways how every industry operates and delivers services. With the boom in the remote work landscape, the world has seen remarkable growth and the demand for digital apps in the business world. The right app has the power to meet all your business needs in a single place. You can rely on apps for project management, improve the productivity of teams, and create stronger working communication networks. Every business currently relies on digital solutions to achieve set targets, streamline operations, speed up growth and meet deadlines.

Let us look at office apps that can help you optimize workflow easily and quickly. Though it’s worth mentioning that most tools are often part of software subscription bundles, there are yet a few out there that can help you get the job done efficiently without slapping a hefty premium on your wallet.

Microsoft 365

Suppose you’re already familiar with Office 365, which helped you get essential tasks done during your college days. Microsoft 365 packs more than just daily workflow apps. It’s dynamic, secure, and cloud technology-based features, including powerful software solutions such as Microsoft Teams, Outlook, OneDrive, SharePoint, and Azure Information Protection to promote productivity, team management, security, etc. Based on your subscription bundle, you have access to different Microsoft tools. Whatever you pick according to your business needs, it can streamline your business operations. 

Furthermore, it gives you an edge in managing remote teams at an international level in a fast-paced environment. It is available for Windows and Mac while stand-alone software on Android and iOS. Microsoft 365 offers a month free trial, and its subscription packages start from $6 per month.


Are you facing trouble compiling long to-do lists and later following the progress? Todoist is here to make list compilation and performance tracking easier. It is one of the best productivity apps that can optimize workflow by organizing your tasks on the go. Todoist has inbuilt time management tools that can help you promote collaboration in group projects by delegating the task and evaluating the work progress. Besides, you can integrate it with other apps and services, making it more convenient for you to get along with the current workflow. You can use Todoist for most of the features free of cost available on Windows, Android, IOS, and Mac. However, it allows you to work on 80 active projects at a time with a group of five members only.


On hectic days, sometimes it becomes hard to keep records of your meeting notes. Evernote is your professional lifesaver if you struggle with note-taking and organizing. It helps you take notes digitally and also lets you upload pictures of written notes on the app. You can easily collect all your notes in one place and later use them.  You can always search for a specific note, whether you add a handwritten or typed document. With the help of tags and search filters, you can arrange them in a notebook. Evernote is compatible with all your digital devices and works more like a digital notebook. You can download it free of cost on Android and iOS. However, its personal and professional versions are worth $7.99 and $9.99, respectively.

Toggl Track

When you fail to deliver on time and struggle to manage activities, Toggl Track can help you stay ahead of time with its time tracking. Its interface is simple and clean, allowing you to use your time more efficiently and productively to perform business operations. You can also avail additional features such as billable hours and customized reports to optimize workflow. Furthermore, this app can remove system loopholes and work inefficiencies by tracking time spent on each activity. Toggl Track is available on Android and iOS, and desktop. Its free version is limited to five users only, while other packages start from $9 per user per month. Toggl Track also offers an Enterprise version suitable for organizations looking for tailor-made solutions.


Social media is the talk of the town; every business relies on the heavy influence of social media to market its products. Hootsuite is a valuable tool in this digital age that keeps you on track with social media scheduling. It allows you to plan and schedule your business’s social media posts and digital campaigns in one place. You can easily align all your digital campaigns on various social media platforms with an option to review different campaigns on a single calendar. You can engage with a digital audience by responding to queries and sharing positive feedback and reviews. It helps you see the bigger picture of your business’s digital presence. Available on both Android and iOS, you can avail of a one-month free trial. Its packages start at $49 per month for one user.


Every business needs digital solutions to visualize its ideas shaping into a final product. MindMeister is the best mind mapping app to help you brainstorm ideas, visualize data, and plan projects. With pre-set thematic maps, you can transform your business idea into a final shape with so much ease. It also allows you to customize your map using different styles, formatting, images, and colors. Based on cloud-based storage, it’s easy to access everywhere, and you don’t have to feel worried about losing the data. It is available for both Android and iOS users. Individuals and teams can rely on MindMeister to promote collaborations and data sharing in real-time. MindMeister is free of cost for up to three basic maps, while other plans start from $2.49 per month.


Are you uncomfortable with all the background noises while on an official business call? Krisp provides a noise cancellation facility during attending to important business matters. Enabled with AI technology, it removes background noises and gives you the satisfaction of enjoying professional communications. Krisp is compatible with over 800 communication apps, messaging, podcasting, conferencing, and recording apps. It is easy to use by pairing it with microphones, headphones, and speakers. Krisp was available for mobile users, too, but the company recently discontinued the mobile version. It is currently available only as a desktop app for Windows and Mac. Its free version allows you to enjoy noise-free calls for up to 60 minutes daily. The paid version is worth the cost of $12 per month for both personnel and teams.

Final Thoughts

Digital tools give the answers and provide the solutions to modern world problems. They empower you to move forward in the right direction. By counting on the apps, you can beat the challenges of a competitive and fast-paced working environment. Pick the app that best fits your business needs to progress in the digital age.