IWC Portofino watches: A closer look at their Portugieser collection

IWC Portofino watches

Watch is probably one of the staple clothing in a men’s closet. Most of the time, it is the highlight of the look. No matter how simple your outfit may be, you can spice it up with watches. This is the reason why watches have become one of the top fashion pieces for men. A lot of men, especially in the field of Business, would invest in watches. 

Today, we will be getting to know IWC Portofino watches. We will be diving into one of their widely recognized collections sought after by many fashion enthusiasts; the Portugieser. We will understand the inspiration for this collection, its history, and its relevance with the brand. Also, we will be choosing three watches from this collection to zoom into. 

IWC Portofino: The Humble beginnings

IWC Portofino is a widely renowned brand, mostly recognized for its outstanding innovation and meticulously made timepieces. IWC stands for International Watch Company. It is a Swiss luxury watch brand founded by American Engineer and Watchmaker Florentine Ariosto Jones in the year 1868. 

The brand is famous for manufacturing military watches, aviation watches, and even sports watches. Until today, it remains highly respected in the watchmaking scene, not just because of its rich heritage but also because of staying true to its core, which is to innovate. One of its most iconic releases is the Portugieser collection, which shook the watchmaking industry. 

IWC Portugieser collection: A dedication to the Portuguese seafarers

IWC Portugieser is the classic watch admired by a lot of fashion icons in the whole world. As mentioned in the title, it is a dedication to the characters of Portuguese seafarers; bold and tenacious. The models from this collection take the form of a watch carrying elegant aesthetics and meticulously crafted technology.

IWC Portugieser originated when two Portuguese descent businessmen, Rodrigues and Texeira, visited IWC’s headquarters situated in Schaffhausen. This is way back to the end of the 1930s. Their visit paved the way for the brand to become one of the most recognized in the field as they chose IWC as partners to innovate a timepiece. 

This timepiece is not just an ordinary one. As mentioned, it is an innovation. The Portuguese businessmen have been planning to create a large-sized watch made out of stainless steel. Not just that, they specifically want this watch to mirror the same precision of a marine chronometer. This innovation is so great that it eventually became an innovation. 

Today, we will be talking about three of the models from their Portugieser collection. This will be an in-depth look at the watch’s details, including its external aesthetics like; the color, material, and design. Also, we will be talking about its distinct features. How it performs, the caliber, technology used, etc. 

IWC Portugieser Automatic Silver Dial Black Leather Men’s Watch (IW358303)

“Sleek, elegant, and masculine” are the vibes this timepiece exudes. It is made out of silver stainless steel from the buckle to the lug and the case. The round case measures 40.4mm in diameter and 12.3mm in height. Finally, it has a black alligator leather strap that perfectly complements its bright silver detailing. 

Its dial is just as pretty as the outside. It is colored in silver, while the indexes are colored in gold, including the sword-shaped hands on the center. The pop of gold indeed upgraded the look of the watch, making it more sophisticated than ever. Aside from the brand written above the hands, it also has a subdial on the bottom part. 

To dive deeper into its movements, it operates under 82200 Calibre. It has 31 Jewels and a 60 hours reserve. On top of that, it has a frequency of 28800.0 vph. To add up to its already beautiful feature is the fact that it can withstand up to 30m deep water. It is the perfect watch for classic yet adventurous people.   

IWC Portugieser Chronograph Watch (IW371605)

Navy Blue, Silver and Black are such powerful combinations of colors. These are the tones that this model sports. The case, lug, and buckle of this timepiece are colored silver. The round case with transparent back measures 41mm in diameter and 12.5mm in height. To complete the look is the brand’s iconic black alligator leather strap. 

Its dial perfectly mirrors not just the theme of the watch but the whole collection: Sophistication and aesthetics in one frame. It has a silver color with blue colored Arabic numeral indexes and Leaf hands. Two subdials are situated on the top center and bottom center of the watch. To complete, it is the brand’s name on the right side. 

As for its movements, it has an IWC Calibre 69355. It also has a 46 hours reserve and is up to 30m water-resistant. This is a classic timepiece that is highly appreciated because of the pop of navy blue color on its case. Because of how basic yet elegant this looks, it can be paired with different outfits on different occasions. 

IWC Portugieser Automatic Silver Dial Men’s Watch (IW500701)

Basic and extravagant cannot go together in the same sentence. Yet, somehow, no other words can describe this watch than the words basic and extravagant. The watch has a Red gold buckle and lug. Its open back round case measures 42.30mm in diameter and 14.50mm in height. To complement the gold look is the burnt brown leather strap. 

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