7 Simple Ways to Create Real Estate Videos for Beginners

7 Simple Ways to Create Real Estate Videos for Beginners

A real estate property’s full capability may be challenging to convey through photographs. It is becoming increasingly clear that the world is shifting toward a more digitally oriented atmosphere. We’re witnessing a surge in the use of video across all industries simultaneously as this is taking place. It is this more obvious than in the world of reality. While every agent is creating or discussing real estate videos, the unpleasant truth is that just a small percentage of agents are doing so correctly.

For this reason, it’s critical to apply the most modern ways of real estate video marketing while promoting property listings. Buyers can better understand how a house or apartment looks in person by seeing high-quality videos. Assist real estate consumers and sellers by creating an educational and aesthetically pleasing film! Let’s learn how to make real estate movies so that you can sell your house quickly.

What Exactly Is Real Estate Video Marketing?

Real estate video marketing is a practical approach to increase sales and engagement with videos. Using video commercials, social network videos, and customer testimonial videos as part of your entire marketing approach can help. In the real estate industry, video marketing may be an extremely effective marketing asset for selling property.

It can take numerous forms, such as a smartphone-based virtual tour, a drone-based aerial view, or an elaborate presentation. Video is a terrific and simple way to display home and all of its details in a way that photographs cannot do justice to. Over the previous few years, video marketing has been vital for any business sector. It has gained increasing appeal in the real estate industry.

Videos continue to rank higher in search results, which may explain why your house sells faster than a comparable property that does not use any form of video advertising. Marketers who use video to promote their properties can reach prospects at every stage of the buying process. When you’re at the top, you can get a lot of traffic and a lot of page views.

Intense videos can help push people through the middle and bottom of the funnel. A buyer must contact an agent or the property owner through phone or email. As a whole, video marketing is an effective and dependable method of increasing the number of people who visit your property listings.

Seven Tips to Make Your Real Estate Video Marketing More Appealing

Here are a few pointers that will assist you in producing better videos and developing a more comprehensive video marketing strategy.

1. Try to Stand Out by Being Unique.

If your real estate videos seem the same as everyone else’s, you’re doing something wrong. No matter how expensive they are to make, they will not stand out from the crowd. With films taken on your phone, you may create a one-of-a-kind and unforgettable idea that will generate a lot of revenue. Make use of your individuality to your advantage. People enjoy making genuine connections with other people.

2. Shoot at the Golden Hour

If you’re producing a quality real estate video, lighting is essential. It is possible to make your photographs appear warmer and welcoming by including natural light, lighting fixtures, and lighting kits in your compositions. You must choose the most appropriate time of day to photograph and pay close attention to the color temperature.

3. Choose the Type of Real Estate Video

There are many different real estate video ideas to choose from, so you can choose the one that best meets your requirements.

Property Videos

Property films are becoming increasingly popular among people who wish to exhibit historic home or apartment building features. A walk-through tour can be created to allow potential purchasers to understand the space better. Virtual reality tours are top-rated these days since they give customers a 360-degree perspective of space. Aside from that, they are more engaging, allowing everyone to choose which rooms they want to explore.

Videos With Customer Testimonials

Agents can use these movies to assist them in acquiring prospective consumers’ trust. They might invite their customers to share their excellent experiences with others, which will inspire potential buyers to contact the company. Some real estate brokers also make use of hybrid videos, which contain characteristics that may be found in a variety of various types of videos.

4. Keep Your Video to a Minimum Length.

The length of your film should be determined by the type of video you are creating. It’s up to you how lengthy or short your movie is, based on how big or little the property is. You must develop a video that is up to three minutes in length to keep the interest of potential purchasers because most people scan listings rather than read them.

It’s critical to provide material that piques their interest and entices them. On the other hand, you can make a lengthier video if you’re trying to advertise a luxurious property. Ideally, it should not be longer than 8 minutes in duration. If a video is more than 10 minutes lengthy, it is doubtful that anyone will watch it all the way through.

5. Choose a Tool That Fits Your Budget.

First-time real estate video editors do not need to buy expensive pro-level tools to make a video clip. You might try utilizing a real estate video creator tool to make real estate marketing videos & see if it works for you. Choose the tools that include the most fundamental video editing features like trimming videos, cutting and pasting sections of video, including voiceovers, adding audio, applying effects, and adding transitions to the video.

6. Establish a Consistent Flow in the Space by Using Smooth Transitions

One of the most significant videos editing tips is constructing a realistic walking tour to generate a well-structured video. Viewers will have an easier time imagining the property’s layout if the rooms are arranged according to their intended use. A prospective buyer can re-watch a video if a particular segment piques their interest.

After you’ve finished creating your video, make sure to watch it several times to see if the transitions between different sections are smooth. After watching a video clip, consider your initial opinion of the property. If the video does not appear interesting, you may need to make some changes. The final cut should leave a positive impression on the viewer about a particular advertisement.

7. Use Good Background Music

Make sure to play simple music to recall and promote a peaceful mood. You can also choose audio appropriate for the property’s aesthetic, isn’t too intrusive, and has the potential to interest your target audience. If you’re making a video of a country estate, soothing music is the most excellent pick for the soundtrack. When making movies of apartments, it is preferable to utilize urban music. Still, videos of vacation homes will be more interesting if you include upbeat music.


Even though creating real estate films can be frightening, the process is not complicated. There’s nothing duller than seeing a long, drawn-out script that goes into great depth on a property. Families are on the lookout for a safe and comfortable environment to raise their children. Maintain a dynamic and entertaining tone throughout the film. It can make a huge difference in a buyer’s perspective when they see a friendly face associated with the listing and the message they are sending out.