7 Different Types of Ceiling Fans for Your Home

Ceiling Fans

There are several different types of ceiling fans you have to choose from for your home. Check out our guide here to learn about these fans.

Summer is approaching, and conditions are heating up. Not only is sweating, overheating, and heat exhaustion annoying—if you’re not staying cool enough, this could lead to heatstroke.

You can prevent this by improving the air circulation in your home. Summer is a great time to take a look at your cooling system as well as the fans in your house.

Turning on the air conditioning is often the first choice people make when the weather heats up. However, the downside of blasting the AC is higher electric bills. Using a fan can help keep your home cool while also lowering your bills.

There are also different types of ceiling fans out there in varying designs and styles.

Fans are affordable, require less maintenance, and are more efficient. Whether you’re looking to cut expenses or just to spruce up your home, there’s a ceiling fan for you! Take a gander at these seven fabulous options.

Super Cooling Fans

Heating systems shut off as temperatures start to rise in many areas and the indoor temps match the air outside. For some of us, though, “room temperature” simply isn’t good enough. If you feel toasty in 60-some degree weather, you want a fan with extra cooling power.

Because ceiling fans bring the cool to your home by creating a breeze, the bigger the fan you get, the more it cools you down.

If you lack ceiling space, though, another solution is to get a fan with larger blades and run it at the highest speed you can. A powerful motor also makes up for a smaller fan.

Ceiling Fans for Tech Whizzes

We live in a digital age, and smart homes are almost commonplace. If you’re a tech fanatic, a smart fan is the next gadget to add to your collection. Like other smart gadgets, you can control these fans remotely.

Smart fans even come with voice controls. You don’t even need to pick up your phone. It’s the perfect fan for lounging and relaxing on a summer day.

Outdoor Cooling Solutions

Have you ever wanted to turn the sun off? Many of us have had those moments, but everyone knows that’s not possible. What you can do instead is install a ceiling fan in your outdoor area.

There are different ceiling fans designed for outdoor use, which are made to resist the elements.

It’s important that you install one of those instead of a regular indoor fan, or you could be looking at a replacement purchase sooner rather than later. Mold, rot, and rust are serious threats to the average fan when installed outside.

Believe it or not, putting a fan in your covered porch, gazebo or other structure will create an area for a cool escape in your very own backyard. Shady trees don’t have anything on quality outdoor fans!

Types of Ceiling Fans for Large Spaces

Those looking to chill in a bigger room naturally need bigger fans, unless they want to buy a number of fans. Spaces with higher and wider ceilings benefit from large fans. Some are powerful enough to cut temperatures by nearly ten degrees!

Applications of large ceiling fans include commercial spaces like malls, schools, and the homes of the rich and famous. Because efficiency is the aim, most of these fans are designed in neutral or primary colors. However, that’s not to say that more creative types of fans aren’t available.

Glitz and Glam Ceiling Fans

If someone asked you to describe “glitz and glam” with objects, ceiling fans probably wouldn’t make the list. It’s time to broaden your horizons.

People ranging from the ultra-wealthy living in mansions to starving artists in utility closet-sized lofts won’t sacrifice form for function. For this reason, there are types of ceiling fans designed with looks in mind.

Jazzy ceiling fans include those with blades shaped like leaves, flower petals, and other creative elements. Other decorative ceiling fans have all the glamour and function of any traditional chandelier with added cooling power.

If you’re more of a DIY type, there’s nothing stopping you from customizing your fan before hanging it up, either! Another fun way to glam it up is by looking into the different ceiling fan mount types.

Old-Fashioned Belt-Driven Fans

The earliest ceiling fans operated using a belt-driven pulley system.

People into steampunk aesthetics, antique collectors, and historical preservation sites are all in luck.

Believe it or not, you can pick up your own because these designs are still in production! Belt-driven fans are a stylish retro addition to any space, new or old.

It’s important to keep in mind, though, that these types of ceiling fans are not efficient. You don’t get too much cooling power from them, so they’re best used in combination with another system. 

Save Cash With Energy-Efficient Ceiling Fans

In the old days, devices weren’t built with money-saving or energy efficiency in mind. These days, ceiling fans are more energy-efficient than air conditioning and are even considered the most energy-efficient type of fan. 

If you want to cut down on your carbon footprint or save a few bucks, you can improve that efficiency by looking into an Energy Star rated fan. This EPA certification was created in 1992 and has been saving Americans money through rebates, tax credits, and other incentives ever since.

In 2018 alone, Energy Star helped save Americans over $35 billion! 

Stay Cool With Stylish Ceiling Fan Designs

Now that you’ve read this spin on some different types of ceiling fans, you can at least take a moment to cool off while temperatures continue to rise.

While chilling out, take a look through our site for more news to stay current and improve your life. We have all the articles you need to stay on top of things right here.

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