6 Tips for Feeding Your Dogs While on a Road Trip

6 Tips for Feeding Your Dogs While on a Road Trip

A road trip with pups is often a combination of fun and stress.

When you consider your dogs as members of your family, leaving them behind when you travel is never an option, especially if you are going on a vacation. You will enjoy your journeys and holidays more when you can share them with your beloved pups.

However, bringing your dog on a road trip can also be challenging. They can get restless easily and do things that are not safe, such as hanging out of the window or suddenly jumping onto your lap while you’re driving at highway speeds.

Moreover, simple tasks such as toilet breaks, getting your pups to take a nap, and feeding them can become more complicated when you go on a long road trip.

Also, some dogs can suddenly become fussy eaters when they are traveling. This can result in an upset tummy and unpleasant behavioral changes.

Keeping Your Dogs’ Tummies Happy on the Go

Stocking up on your pups’ favorite dry dog food is the first step to take when bringing them on a road trip.

Kibbles are easier to give to your pets. They are easier to store and cleaning up the mess after every meal will be less complicated.

And when buying pet food, make sure you stick to your pups’ regular food or brand. A road trip is not the right time to switch to or try another product.

Additionally, follow these tips for feeding your dogs when taking them on a road trip:

1. Bring enough dog food for the trip.

Make sure you pack enough of the dog food you bought for the journey. It should be sufficient for the round trip.

Consider packing some extra dry food to avoid running out accidentally and having to settle for products that your pets may not want to eat.

Store the dog food and other treats in airtight containers. If you live in or are traveling to a hot and humid area, place them in a cooler to keep them cool and dry.

Also, make sure you bring your pets’ food and water bowls and some extra ones in case you lose or break one.

Don’t forget to bring the dog food into your hotel room at the end of your journey or during your stopovers. Leaving them in your hot vehicle is never a good idea.

2. Be prepared to deal with motion sickness and other stomach issues.

Some dogs can get carsick when they are on the road for a long time. You can help them get over this sickness with some simple feeding tips.

Pack some canned pumpkin and yogurt and feed these to your dogs before traveling. These foods can help settle your pets’ upset stomachs. They can also reduce gas in your pups.   

If you know your dogs get carsick whenever they travel, see your vet beforehand. They will likely prescribe a motion-sickness medication.

To prevent your dogs from getting diarrhea, which they can get from traveling, stress, and excitement, add a teaspoon of a fiber supplement to their food.

As an additional tip, pack paper towels, cleaning supplies, and plastic sheeting to minimize mess inside the can and make cleaning it easier.

3. Minimize giving human foods to your pets.

There is nothing wrong with giving your dogs a few bites of your burger, fried chicken, or steak. However, you have to avoid this when you are going on a road trip.

If you give plenty of human food to your dogs between their regular meals, you will have to stop for toilet breaks more often. This will affect your travel time and possibly put a damper on some of your plans.

Moreover, if you keep giving your pets greasy foods, they might suffer from an upset stomach.  

To avoid unplanned stops and dealing with sick pets on the road, feed your dogs as little human food as possible.

4. Feed your dogs less frequently when on the road.

When going on long road trips, you will also do well to reduce your pets’ meals, especially if they tend to get motion sickness easily.

Motion sickness can upset your dogs’ stomachs. To help your pets avoid this uncomfortable condition and messy accidents, feed them less than the usual amount of food they often have before going on the road.

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Additionally, overfeeding anxious pups before a trip can also cause them to make a mess in the car when they are unable to keep the food down in the stomach and throw up.

However, this does not mean that you should starve your pets. Stick to their feeding schedule when possible, but avoid overfeeding them.

5. Make sure your pets are hydrated.

Dogs also need water to stay healthy and feel comfortable while traveling. As such, bring plenty of clean water and allow your pets a drink during your stopovers.

It is best to bring water from your home to avoid upsetting your pets’ tummies. Simply fill up some jugs or bottles and store them in the cooler.

Another option would be to buy plenty of bottled water.

Keep in mind that giving your pets water from unknown sources can cause them to get sick. To be on the safe side, allow them to drink water that you are sure is clean and safe.

6. Allow your pets to exercise.

Even if you are on the road, it does not mean you should stop letting your pets get some much-needed exercise.

Go for a quick run with your dogs around the gas station, rest stop, or restaurant to help them stretch and work out their bones and muscles. You can also plan your stopovers at pet-friendly parks so that they can have a better workout.

When your dogs get some exercise, you help boost their appetite, which means they will surely eat something during their meal. Moreover, it will help their metabolism.

A 20-minute workout also means that your pets will likely be asleep for an hour or so during the journey.

When going on a road trip with your dogs, take the time to check what other supplies you need for a stress-free journey and get them from your trusted pet shop in Dubai.

Moreover, be a bit more careful with feeding your pups to avoid problems that can bring your travel plans to a halt.


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