The Benefits of Heating a House With Propane

The Benefits of Heating a House With Propane

Heating a house with propane is an interesting option for many homeowners. It allows you to pay as needed rather than through periodic bills, which many find is an attractive proposition. 

Join us today as we review some of the biggest benefits of this heating option, helping you to decide for yourself whether it’s the right option for your personal needs.

No Loss in Heat

The first thing that should be acknowledged is that, in terms of user experience, many people don’t notice a difference with propane heat. If you make the switch, your home can still be your warm haven in even the coldest of winters. (In fact, propane even burns hotter than natural gas.)

The United States has some particularly cold regions and people living there are right to worry about whether an option will be able to keep them warm. So long as there is propane in your tanks, your home will heat just fine. Even in Alaska, the country’s coldest state, propane is a frequent choice for heat and power.

Competitively Priced

There is something of an internet myth that propane heating is expensive. Frequently compared to natural gas, some believe natural gas is always the cheaper option.

The truth is far more complicated. The exact option that ends up being more economical depends on where you live. You’ll want to research which option works best for you.

By weight, natural gas tends to be cheaper. However, propane burns much hotter. This means you need less propane to produce the same amount of heat (and thus may end up burning more money’s worth of natural gas to get the same result).

Which heat source wins out in that equation will depend on the cost of both options in your area. What’s important is to note that propane isn’t “expensive” any more than any other heating source.

If pricing is a concern, you’ll want the best propane delivery services you can find. Some companies, such as Kauffman Gas, can also help you set a schedule and even store extra propane if you’re concerned about running out or otherwise needing extra. 

Clean Burning

Many are surprised to learn propane is the cleanest burning of all fossil fuels, even beating out natural gas. Natural gas isn’t “dirty” in the sense we often imagine when we use that word, but it does emit some harmful emissions. Propane produces almost no harmful emissions beyond small amounts of carbon monoxide. 

On top of that, propane doesn’t harm soil or water, even if a leak occurs. While you should still report and fix leaks (since propane is still flammable), its environmental impact is quite minimal. 

Just remember to still follow basic safety recommendations when burning propane. It’s still flammable and can produce carbon monoxide, the buildup of which can be harmful to humans. (That said, any modern heating system should be designed to prevent dangerous exposure to carbon monoxide.)

Considering Heating a House With Propane?

If you’re considering heating a house with propane, it may well be worth it. It burns clean and hot, all while remaining competitive with alternative options like natural gas. Doing some quick research into propane heating in your area may net some surprising results.

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