Kelly Ripa and Ryan Seacrest: A Perfect Friendship That Demands Your Attention

Kelly Ripa and Ryan Seacrest
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Kelly Ripa Ryan Seacrest are very popular names among Americans. In fact, any audience of Live With Kelly And Ryan might have fallen in love with the duo. However, if you do not know, then let me inform you that Live With Kelly And Ryan is a syndicated morning talk show, that Kelly and Ryan hosts. In fact, this is a very popular show in America. In fact, the show draws its lifeline from its hosts. Various fans of this show would admit that without them the show appears gloomy. 

It is true that when the Kelly Ripa Ryan Seacrest duo remains absent or, anyone of them remains absent, a perfect replacement takes up their place. However, they can never equal the charm of the duo. This is due to the fact that outside the professional world, the duo shares a very special relationship. In fact, many media outlets have covered various stories about the duo. In fact, various stories have circulated about them. 

If you wish to know more about Kelly Ripa and Ryan Seacrest, then this article is the perfect stop for you. Keep reading this article to know more about this special friendship that has transformed an entire show into a successful story.

Kelly Talks About Ryan And Their Friendship

Kelly Talks About Ryan And Their Friendship
Credit: entertainment tonight

Recently, Kelly Ripa appeared on the Dear Gabby podcast. During her appearance on the podcast, she stated that Ryan was like the little brother she never had. We know that the duo have worked together for more than 20 years. Therefore, the coordination between Kelly Ripa and Ryan Seacrest has been a perfect one. They really share a jovial friendship, full of hilarious episodes. Their friendship has become so intense that Kelly claimed that now they can read each other’s thoughts. 

On the podcast, she went on to add they know each other’s breaking points. In fact, according to her, during bad times, they support each other perfectly. Moreover, she also spoke about the bond of trust and mutual respect that binds the two together in their friendship. 

Moreover, Ryan has also been greatly vocal about their friendship. He even tore up when Ripa bragged about his kindness on the Entertainment Tonight show. Moreover, on Ripa’s birthdays, he posts on his IG, wishing her. 

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1. What made the Kelly Ripa-Ryan Seacrest duo?

The Kelly Ripa-Ryan Seacrest duo became famous for co-hosting Live With Kelly And Ryan.

2. Are the two committed?

As of now, we do not know of such news. However, the two share a very special friendship.

3. Are they present on social media?

The straight answer to this question would be “yes”. They are active on social media like Instagram.

5. How old are Kelly Ripa and Ryan Seacrest?

As of 2022, Kelly is 52 years old and Ryan is 47 years old. 

6. Are Kelly Ripa and Ryan Seacrest?

Yes. The two share a special bond of friendship.

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