6 Most Romantic And Best Honeymoon Destinations outside India

6 Most Romantic And Best Honeymoon Destinations outside India

When it comes to romantic getaways, especially honeymoons, it would be one’s folly to even consider compromising about their dream destination. If you are done with the places that this country has to offer and are looking to experiment beyond its horizons for your ideal romantic trip, it is easy to lose track amidst the plethora of options and recommendations that are out and about in the world wide web.

For your convenience, here are six handpicked recommendations for honeymoons based on popularity amongst visiting couples. In no particular order, any one of these places would certainly make for the dream getaway with your partner that you have always dreamt of.

Here is six Recommended Honeymoon Destinations:

1. Maldives –

When it comes to honeymoon tours and romantic getaways, Maldives has become almost too commonplace a name amongst couples. Famous to the point of infamy, the country is a slice of heaven on earth situated in the Indian Ocean, and attracts a deluge of tourists from the subcontinent and beyond. The island is characterised primarily by its shores, and the resorts are located strategically for the guests to be able to spend as much time as possible in the lapping waves. The beaches of Maldives are characterised by their sprawling expanse, pulverized white sand and crystal blue waters that seem too good to be true. The quintessential Maldives package is bound to be replete with a detailed itinerary involving the country’s many attractions, making your honeymoon experience a dream come true. 

2. Turkey –

When it comes to places offering eclectic experiences, there are a few that can match the varied expanse of Turkey. Covering the two continents of Europe and Asia in simultaneity, the land of Turkey has seen empires soar and topple, and has lived through it all to emerge as a country that is as beautiful as it is rich in history. The country’s beaches are characterised by their idyllic expanse of white sand and sparkling blue waters that lap their shores, with the Black Sea taking its seat as the top attraction. The country is also famous for its unmistakable architectural style that stems from its history, characterised with domes and synagogical structures that one is wont to identify its capital, Istanbul with.

3. New Zealand –

From untamed wilderness to thriving culture, New Zealand offers a diverse map of nearly everything. Sprawling across the southern Pacific Ocean, this island nation is famed for its fantastic range of adventure experiences. The capital city, Queenstown, lies at the heart of all activity here, with rafting, hiking and bungee jumping being some of the most popular tourist sports in the city. Rotorua, the cultural heart of the country, preserves the fast disappearing Maori tribe culture. At one edge lies the Milford Sound, a stunning range of dramatic fjords commonly regarded as the ‘Eighth Wonder of the World’. New Zealand is home to a fantastic range of vineyards as well, offering wine tours and tasting parties.

4. Bali –

The Indonesian island of Bali hardly needs any introduction to anyone who has ever had interest in romantic destinations abroad. The island is dotted with innumerable beaches, which being one of the primary attractions, are swarming with travellers all year round. The beaches are a surfer’s paradise, and its incessant waves are perfect for you to finally invest in a good surfboard. A Bali Honeymoon tour must also cover some of the many temples that sprawl around its expanse, which are the gateway to the Indonesian culture and heritage. When you are not relaxing at a beach with a cocktail or getting the massage of your lifetime at one of Bali’s exotic spas, be sure to have your fill of the famous Balinese cuisine that specialises in seafood.

5. Sweden –

Romantic destinations are plenty in Europe, and Sweden has a few contenders in the department. The country rests amongst the top picks for any traveller and for good reason. One of the most beautiful countries of the Scandinavian region, Sweden makes for the ideal holiday destination for any travelling spree. Explore the rich history of the town, breathing in its beautifully planned and laid architecture, stone archways and enigmatic buildings that remind you of a time long gone. discover the castles, and head up to some of the oldest towns in the country to be transported into a different era. Travelling through the country is a treat in its own right, allowing you to take in the varied differences in culture in different parts of the country.

6. Sri Lanka –

Known as the lair of the titular demon, Sri Lanka is absolutely different from its repute in the fables except the fact that it is, as the famous epic of Ramayana would testify, indeed a country of gold. Just off the tip of Tamil Nadu is located this island that despite its proximity to the subcontinent, houses a culture and natural scape quite different from it. The country is famous amongst travellers looking for a romantic getaway, owing to its famous beaches that only tell half the story about the country’s immense beauty. When not relaxing at one or walking at leisure along its shoreline, you would do well to explore the picturesque tea plantations that the country is famous for.