The Perks Of A Social Work Career

Social Work Career
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Finding the right career path that helps you grow, earn a good income, and live a satisfying life is no easy feat. With so many career options to choose from, students often find themselves in a state of confusion. After all, students would be investing their significant time, money, and energy to pursue their dream. No one wishes to pursue a degree that doesn’t align with their interest and job expectations. Thus, it is recommended to take your sweet time and think properly before choosing your career path. 

Well, no one can indeed predict their future. Still, are you looking for a career path in which you can make a significant difference in people’s lives and land a good earning job? In that case, a social work degree might be an ideal option. Social workers are responsible for identifying people’s issues and becoming their voice to resolve their problems. In addition, these professionals help people cope with mental and environmental challenges. Are you still unsure whether pursuing this career will benefit you or not? No worries. Below we have narrowed down the list of perks you can enjoy with social work career:


Many students wish to pursue a career that helps them grow professionally by offering various career opportunities. Are you also one of those students? With a social work career, you have nothing to worry about when it comes to career advancements. The field offers its professionals a wide range of opportunities to grow. It’s all up to you in which community you wish to serve or specialization you want to pursue. 

However, you can only take a step further in your career by earning an advanced degree. So advance your career by enrolling yourself in social work masters programs online and learning the skills and knowledge necessary to become a practitioner. The best part about an online degree program is you can study from home at your flexible schedule. Furthermore, you can choose your area of specialization with the social work career depending on your passion, such as school, military, family, substance abuse and mental health, etc. 


Let’s face it; the primary reason to pursue this profession might be to help vulnerable people. However, you can’t deny that every individual wishes to make a career in the field that offers good-paying employment opportunities. After all, students spend considerable time and money to earn a degree in their profession. You surely don’t wish all your hard work and time to waste by not getting a dream job that satisfies you and offers you a good income. Well, here is the good news. Social work professionals are highly in-demand globally. The job outlook of social workers would grow by 12% from 2020 to 2030, as per the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). Moreover, the median wage of a social worker is $24.88 per hour as of May 2020. Be mindful; the pay rate may vary due to various factors such as geography, job role, and specialization area. 


There are many other job roles worldwide where professionals can earn handsome salaries. But, these professionals are not directly impacting other people’s lives, leaving them unsatisfied at the end of the day. One significant benefit of a social work career is you will be making direct positive impacts on others. As a social worker, you will have to interact and deal with clients from different walks of life. You will listen to their problems and help them tackle their issues. As a result, a social work career can give you a sense of fulfillment. For instance, as a mental health social worker, you will diagnose and treat your client’s mental and emotional health issues. Or, if you pursue a school social worker, you will address and counsel students dealing with physical or psychological problems. 


Another significant perk of a social work career is you can gain transferable skills. You never know what your future holds for you. Many individuals switch their careers due to personal reasons. After working a few years in this field, you might choose to take a different path other than social work. The good thing is the field will help you gain and polish some valuable skills that every employer looks for when hiring. For example, you will gain excellent communication skills while you interact and deal with your clients. Or you will hone problem-solving skills to understand your client’s issue and come up with the best treatment plan to mark your success. Other skills may include teamwork, empathy, organization, patience, etc. All these skills can come in handy when you switch to other career fields. 


Undoubtedly, choosing and pursuing the right career requires you to invest significant time, money, and hard work. Therefore, make sure to go for the one that best suits your needs and interests. However, try not to take this decision in haste as your degree plays a significant role in the long run. Do you desire to improve the quality of life of different people and contribute to the positivity of society? Then, make sure to earn your degree in social work to step your foot in this career. The social work career is full of meaning. You can assist families, counsel substance abuse and mental health patients, advocate for the rights of vulnerable people, and much more.