Why You Need a Driving Route Tracking Software

Driving Route Tracking Software

Scouting for wholesale properties can be relatively challenging, especially if you’re planning your routes manually. Manual planning may result in repeated visits to properties you’ve already viewed, resulting in wasted time and money. That’s why driving route tracking software can come in handy.

Using a driving route tracking software like the driving for dollars app, you’ll avoid the pitfall of revisiting properties you’ve already seen. With the app, you’ll be able to target new areas and score more deals. Bearing that in mind, here are six key reasons why you need driving route tracking software.

Quicker Route Planning

Planning routes manually using pen and paper or even navigation apps can be a time-consuming process. Worse still, it won’t help you identify the best routes.

On the other hand, driving route tracking software can provide you with the fastest and most economical routes pretty fast. This can allow you to allocate time to other important aspects of your property search.

Enhanced Driver Management

Manually tracking drivers is near impossible. Driving route tracking software can enable you to see where your drivers are located and the properties they’ve visited. That means you’ll be able to pay drivers based on work done instead of using a ballpark figure.

Reduced Travel Times and Fuel Costs

By identifying optimal routes, driving route tracking software can reduce travel times. Consequently, reduced travel times can significantly lower fuel costs. Less time spent on the road can also result in lower vehicle maintenance costs.

Enhanced Productivity

Driving route tracking software can maximize efficiency. When your drivers use software like the driving for dollars app, all the drivers on your team will view properties already visited. As a result, drivers won’t waste time visiting properties that have already been viewed. Instead, they’ll focus on finding new properties resulting in improved productivity.

View Route History

If an area hasn’t been visited for a while, you may want your drivers to revisit it to check out any new properties that may be available. Manually tracking the last time drivers visited an area can be tricky. The driving for dollars app can give you a visual representation of the period when drivers last visited an area to help you decide if it needs to be revisited.

Data-Driven Analysis

Data is the lifeblood of any business. It takes the guesswork out of decisions and allows you to make well-informed business decisions. Route planning apps allow you to export and view Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that can help you evaluate your businesses’ performance. Using a route planning app, you can monitor KPIs like:

  • Number of properties added
  • Distance covered
  • Time spent driving

Analyzing these metrics can help you determine whether your strategy is working or you need to adopt a different strategy.

Navigation apps like Google Maps and Waze are excellent for simple navigation tasks like getting directions from one point to another. But to find wholesale properties, you’ll need a more tailor-made solution like Deal Machine to experience all the benefits listed above today.