6 Habits That Make Life in Isolation Easier

6 Habits That Make Life in Isolation Easier

With the COVID19 pandemic shocking the world this year and causing lots of unexpected changes to the way that we live our lives, being isolated is more common than ever before. And while we know that staying at home is the best way to keep ourselves and others safe from the potentially deadly novel coronavirus, being unable to keep to our normal routines and habits can be quite challenging. Life in isolation is not always easy, especially if you live alone and are struggling with not being able to meet up as usual with family and friends. But even isolation with your family or partner can be hard, as you don’t get much time apart and it can lead to conflicts. No matter your isolation situation, there are several habits you can start now to make it easier on yourself and actually quite enjoyable. 

Make New Friends:

Today, you don’t have to go out in person to meet new people and make new friends. You are definitely not the only person in isolation alone right now in need of a friend, so get online and start chatting to others who are in a similar situation. There are plenty of options to choose from if you are looking for a great app for making friends. Streaming apps can be fun as you can watch or listen to people as they stream their content, or you could try social media apps and even dating apps like Bumble that have a friends section for making new platonic relationships. 

Learn Something New:

Isolation is never going to be easy on anybody who is bored and has nothing to do. If you’re working from home due to the pandemic, home can quickly become a boring place. Finding something new to learn and work towards can be a great way to pass your spare time and give yourself something to look forward to. It’s no surprise that the sale of online courses went through the roof at the beginning of the pandemic as people found that they had more time to learn something that they have always wanted to do. Whether you want to improve your cooking skills or learn a new skill to help you get ahead in work, it’s definitely a productive way to spend isolation. 

Stay Active:

If gyms are also closed in your area, then you might be finding it difficult to stay active and get enough exercise throughout the isolation period. But a sedentary lifestyle is not going to help you feel any better, and exercising outdoors can be a great way to get some fresh air and vitamin D when you’re spending most of your life behind a closed door. Going for a short walk, jog, or bike ride at least a few times a week will help you stay in shape, improve your overall health and fitness in isolation, and lift your mood too. Depending on where you live, you may be able to meet up with friends or family outdoors to exercise at a safe distance, so it can be a great way to socialize too. 

Improve Communication With Family:

If you are in isolation with your partner or your family, it’s not uncommon for people to feel like they are getting under each other’s feet. We all need connections, but we all need our own space too, and isolation has caused a disruption in that balance. Working from home every day with your partner can be difficult, especially when you can’t go out and meet friends or do something independently of them. No matter how much you love somebody, too much of anything isn’t always a good thing. Work on improving your communication in isolation and get better at asking for what you need, so that you can come up with a way for everybody to live together in harmony. 

Get Creative:

Being creative and making something with your hands can be very therapeutic and a great way to pass the time while you’re in isolation. And once you’ve got the bug for creating arts and crafts, reviving old furniture, or sewing, it can be difficult to stop. You don’t have to have professional skills to start a creative hobby – just doing it for fun can be really enjoyable, and you’ve got more time to practice and improve your skills right now. 

Practice Self-Care:

Finally, isolation has taken a toll on everybody and it’s OK to feel stressed and anxious about the future right now. Everybody responds differently to crises like these, so be gentle to yourself if you are feeling increasingly worried. Practice self-care and be sure to put yourself first and listen to what your body and mind are telling you that you need, whether it’s time for yourself to relax or something to work towards to keep your mind off things. 

Being in isolation is something that none of us could have expected or prepared for. By implementing some good habits into your lifestyle, you can make life in lockdown easier.

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