Worst Wedding Band Mistakes and How to Fix Them

Worst Wedding Band Mistakes and How to Fix Them

You want everything in your wedding to flow out smoothly, according to the plan you defined. However, you cannot expect this to happen at all times. That’s mainly due to the mistakes that you make. That’s why it is important for you to have a clear understanding of the wedding band mistakes that you can make. Along with that, you must also have a clear picture of how to fix those mistakes as well. Then you can refrain from committing such mistakes at your wedding and overcome the issues that you may have to face.

Failing to take a look at the sound ordinance laws

You must take a look at the sound ordinance laws related to the city where you are planning to have the wedding. If you are selecting a designated wedding venue, you will be able to get the required information from the management. Or else, you will have to do your own research and understand the laws. Then you will need to communicate about the sound ordinance laws to the musicians. You will be able to get the band to perform without any interruptions when they are performing under the sound ordinance laws.

Failing to meet the band until the day of the wedding

Some people use their mobile phones to play most of the things related to the wedding. This includes fixing the contract with the band as well. However, fixing a contract with a band is not something that you can do entirely over the phone. You will need to make sure that you are meeting the wedding band at least one time before the wedding.

Without going for a face to face meeting, you will not be able to determine whether the wedding band is qualified to provide you with the output you want. On the other hand, the meeting will assist you to clearly communicate all your requirements and get an appropriate service accordingly. Engog wedding entertainment, engog.co.uk  is designed to give your guests a spectacular and memorable experience.

Lack of space on the dance floor

It is important to make sure that you are having a decently sized dance floor, which can accommodate all the guests. You need to take a look at the dance floor available at the wedding venue and compare it with the number of guests. You should also keep that in mind when you are hiring a wedding band. If you are getting an 8-piece wedding band to a tight space, you need to understand that you are compromising the space available for the guests to dance. Hence, you should settle down with a 3-piece band or a 5-piece band.

Playing only one type of music.

You should not encourage the wedding band to play only one type of music. If you stick to this mistake, you will be creating a boring experience for all the guests. You never want that to happen. Instead, you need to pump energy to your audience with good music. That’s why it is important for you to ask the band to have a good variation between the different music genres. No matter what, the wedding band should be in a position to keep the music fresh at all times.

Failing to compile a “do not play” list

Some of the tracks should not be played at your wedding. You will not personally like these tracks, or there can be other reasons on why you don’t want them to be played. If you don’t create a list of the tracks that should not be played by the band, you might end up listening to them on your wedding day. In order to make sure that you don’t commit to this mistake, you should create a do not playlist well ahead of time. Then you should provide the list to the wedding band. You must include this list in the contract that you sign with the wedding band as well.

Requesting too many songs

You need to keep in mind that a band will be able to play around 12 to 15 songs within an hour. Hence, you should never ask too many songs from the band. If it is a four-hour reception, you will be able to enjoy around 50 songs. You need to keep the limit in your mind and make sure that you don’t pressurize the band too much by asking for more songs. You need to provide freedom to the band to keep on playing the songs.

Selecting long special dance songs

You should not select any long special dance songs as well. If you select such songs, you will be making the wedding dances boring for the guests. People will not even get the energy to walk into the dance floor. You need to refrain from selecting father-daughter songs, mother-son songs, and other similar songs. These songs are great, but they are never good for dancing. Therefore, you need to ask the band to play appropriate songs during the dancing time. The band is usually aware of what to play, and you should not unnecessarily pressurize with special songs.