7 Key Benefits of Using Office 365 for Business

Office 365 for Business

Have you ever heard about office 365? How is it essential to enhance the workflow of a business? A business and organization must be effective and efficient. The productivity tools make a business effective and allow people to do their job easily & from anywhere. 

The cloud-based support for office 365 Houston makes a business more productive. Anyone can access the Microsoft productivity tools like word, excel, exchange, and share point from anywhere. All these tools are a must-have for any business.

Here are few advantages of office 365 that will transform the working efficiency of your remote employee.

1. Access File Anywhere:

Office 365 stores all the data files of a business in the cloud. It means that your employee can access all the information from any location and IP address. Office 365 is crucial for on-office organizations that work on mobile. Also, it is beneficial for companies that travel often. As long as there is an internet connection, the employee can access the emails and files.

2. Secure Cloud Storage:

Office 365 has robust securing measures. There is no threat of cybercrime as office 365 ensures two-step verification. Also, it has threat detection and anti-malware, which means there are no security issues. If any threat or malware is detected, it would be identified and stopped immediately.

Only authorized workers can access emails and other files of business. You can operate your business without any security threats. 

3. Improved Communication:

Office 365 allows the employees to communicate through skype & outlook. With skype you can hold meetings and conference calls with your employees and external agencies across the world. Also, there are instant messaging and comments to add with uploaded files. 

The co-authoring document is useful for cross-department collaboration. Microsoft all-in-one hub allows the users to work and edit the document simultaneously.

4. Predictable Spend:

You can choose the level of functionality for your business on a per monthly basis. The cost of each license differs according to application and products. You can spend your IT budget predictably by paying per user and month. There will be additional charges for upgrades.

5. Business Continuity:

The stored files in the cloud can be backed up. If there is any disaster in the office, you can recover all the data of your customers, emails, and files through office 365. Also, the entire inbox and emails can be restored if needed. No matter the situation, it can be business as usual.

6. Automatic Upgrades:

All the office 365 applications like word, excel, and exchange work without any software. You have to predetermine the upgrade intervals according to your ease. The latest version will automatically be installed. The upgrades are with a subscription; there is no need to buy new software.

7. Centralized Collaboration:

The collaborative tools of office 365 shared mailbox, calendar, and contacts. Through sharing calendars, you can schedule the meeting time and availability of an organization. The shared mailbox allows filtering the messages without missing them. Share point enabled document collaboration. Any staff member can access and edit these documents through office 365 tools.

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