5 Reasons Why Electric Bikes Are Great For Commuting

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Riding a bike to work is a popular way to commute to save money on gas and parking, to get exercise and to enjoy the scenery. E-bikes for city commuters have a lot of benefits over traditional bikes, but you’re still being eco-friendly. If you’re thinking of upgrading to or investing in an e-bike, here’s what you should know.

Electric Bikes Get You There Faster 

On a traditional bike, you can travel at about 11 mph. An e-bike takes that up to 20 mph or more. Your e-bike can shave a few minutes off your commute to have one more cup of coffee or a few extra minutes in the shower. Invest in a class 3 e-bike for maximum power. What is a class 3 electric bike? The class 3 e-bike has an upgraded motor with pedal-assisted speeds up to 28 mph. It’s a powerful electric bike that can make your commute easier and quicker.

Electric Bikes Take Less Exertion 

E-bikes can give you a boost of power on the hills or when you’re feeling tired. You still get a workout because you’re pedaling. The motorized power makes it more effective, making you sweat less. An e-bike makes your ride more manageable, which makes it more fun. When it’s hot outside, you want to get to work as quick as possible with as little exertion so you don’t end up needing another shower work. Your e-bike makes it possible.

Electric Bikes Take You Farther 

E-bikes help you ride longer and farther because of the extra power. With a traditional bike, you need about 20 minutes to ride 4 miles. Your e-bike could do 7 to 8 miles in the same time frame. You’ll probably want to ride more on your e-bike, too. They’re easier to ride, so you want to ride more. After a long day at work, you’ll still be up to riding home.

Electric Bikes Keep You Active 

Although e-bikes are motorized, you still have to pedal and get your exercise in. E-bikes give you a boost of power. You can ride longer without getting tired, which can improve your exercise level. As technology improves, you can customize how your e-bike performs, giving you more control over your ride. You can use your electric bike all weekend to explore your community or take it to the beach or mountains for a getaway.

Electric Bikes Save Money on Your Commute 

An electric bike might be an initial investment, but the savings will be long-term. If you drive a car everyday to work, you have maintenance, gas and maybe even parking costs. Your e-bike will save you money just in gas. It’s also cheaper than public transportation. You will want to invest in a bike helmet and good water bottle, but the power to run your e-bike is all you. The batteries are lasting longer, and the motors are getting more powerful, giving you more options. You reduce your carbon footprint, save money and enjoy the scenery on a bike.

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