How To Create A Free Blog Website?

Create A Free Blog Website

In today’s time, you can create professional blogs and websites without even coding knowledge in 5-10 minutes. There are so many platforms on which you can create Free Blog and Website.

How much we feel Proud, when any information is searched on Google and we find the exact answers given to it, it is credited to all those bloggers who provide us information.

If you also want to share your knowledge with the world, then you can share information by creating a blog. But most people face the problem of money in front of most people and they want to know about Zero Cost in free blog articles. I will give you information about how to create a Free Blog website on this Blogger Platform in this article. Whether you want a blog or a website will also try to remove the doubt.

Blog vs Website

A normal internet user does not know the difference in a blog and website. If you are thinking of starting a blog or website and you do not understand the blog or website? So it is very important to have your doubt clear before you can move forward. So let’s take a closer look at the blog vs website which is better? Both Blog and Website are Better in their own place.

Just depends on what you want your services to be provided to your users.  The blog also looks like the website itself but it only gives you information to read, you can call it an online diary. If you want to share information on the internet such as News, Stories, Reviews, tips & tricks etc on which topic you prefer to write.

As you are now reading the post ” How to create a free blog website? ” This is a blog. If you want to share information like this then you should create a blog. Blogs can also be made for free without coding skills and its cost is very low. One thing to keep in mind is blog customization can give the look of the website.

If you want to provide service to Internet users like Social Media Site, Shopping Site, Video Platform Site, Music & Video Downloading Site etc. So becoming a website is a better option for you. Something to understand: Facebook, Flipkart, Youtube, Amazon etc.

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There are many website builder platforms for creating websites that can help you build a free website. But in the care of one thing, you can not build a professional website, you will have to take a Paid plan. If you build a website from a developer according to your need, then it will be very expensive.

Free Website Builder Platform

How to choose a Blogging Platform?

2 Platforms are used to create Free Blog. Which I have given below,

  • WordPress
  • Blogger is Google’s service and it’s totally free. You can do custom domain add on Blogger and earn money by showing advertisements.

You can also create free blogs on WordPress. In this, you can not add a Custom Domain, due to which your website’s URL will be and cannot even create advertisements so that you will not be able to earn any money.

If you want to earn money by putting custom domains and ads from WordPress, you have to take a Paid Plan.

Which is Better?

You may have come to know about the most used platforms Blogger and WordPress to create free blogs. Now everyone can choose anyone. If you ask me which one is good then my answer is Blogger. Because in this you can add a custom domain and earn money by showing ads.