4 Factors That Pave the Way towards Higher Conversion Rate

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Who doesn’t want to improve their website’s conversion rate? Increasing the rate of conversions is the ultimate goal of all the SEO exercise. The more the conversion rates you have, the more is the revenue. Once you have succeeded in getting visibility in the online world and are able to divert the required traffic to your website, it’s all about converting these leads into buyers. It may sound simple as you might feel now that the prospects have reached the website and it would not be difficult to convert them. Well, it’s still only half the battle won.

The process of converting the leads into buyers starts right from the moment your website loads. Before the final exit, which happens after placing the order, a person can abandon anywhere. A good percentage of these prospective buyers actually abandon their shopping carts without ordering the stuff. Any web development company in Hyderabad, Delhi, Pune or anywhere else understands this.

SEO professionals are always in the process of finding out what strategy works best to motivate these leads to convert. It often turns out that a simple mistake makes the prospective buyer to abandon the shopping cart and similarly a little tweak can lead to dramatic positive results. For

instance, an analysis made by Amazon, one of the largest e-commerce platforms, found that a single second delay in loading of webpage led to a loss of $1.6 billion in the annual sale. Though a second doesn’t sound much of time, the effect it caused was catastrophic.

Every second article will tell you the importance of website designing tips like having a clear and crisp website, easy navigation, improved user experience etc. as ways to increase the conversion rates. Today, we won’t talk about these ways. Rather we will discuss four elements that are required to take any action. These four elements are:


Unless there is an opportunity, no action can be taken. The web development company in Hyderabad that you have hired creates that opportunity by making your website visible to your targeted audience.


This refers to both the physical and mental abilities of a person. If your visitor wants to explore your website through a mobile device and your website is not responsive in nature, your lead will be lost. Similarly, if your

targeted geography is in France and your website is only designed in English, many of your leads wouldn’t understand how and where to go or take an action. If the call to action link is not visible or is broken, all efforts made in driving the leads to your page goes down the drain. Thus, you need to design the website keeping in mind the demographics and geographies you are targeting. Further, all elements of a website should be optimised.


This element is the most organic, dynamic and intriguing among all four. The incentive is something that plays with the psychology of the person and motivates them to take action. You must have come across many marketing campaigns where there are huge discounts and often people end up buying products that they never intended to. This is the power of incentive. It makes one emotionally charged and inspires to take prompt action. Both in the real and virtual world, incentives receive the most attention from prospective buyers.

The web design company in Hyderabad that you have hired should look into the feasibility of offering incentives like money-back guarantees, refund policies, trust signals etc. to motivate leads to turn into buyers. However, this incentive should be designed keeping in mind your targeted audience. For example, getting $20 to fill a survey will be a lucrative offer for a college student but not worth if your targeted audience is high-level executives.


Willpower is an individual’s ability to overcome any psychological or mental obstacle to perform an action that he or she wants to perform. It can be their decision to take action or not to act. Most of the leads who started with the process of buying but then abandoned mid-way might be suffering from the lack of willpower. Those with strong willpower would either not start the process of buying or would have not abandoned it mid-way. Thus, make sure that you can lead a person to complete an action by promising correctly right in the beginning. For instance, someone who started filling a survey as it said it would take 5 minutes will abandon it mid-way if it still continues after 10 minutes.

Converting your leads into buyers is no easy feat and requires a lot of work. You need constant iteration and also the testing of user experience and any good web design company in Hyderabad has the required tools to do that. However, designing the entire SEO strategy keeping in mind the above-discussed four factors brings in more clarity and will definitely help in aiding the process.