Who Is Elisabeth Fritzl & What Happened To Her?

Josef Fritzl

Elisabeth Fritzl faced a huge problem from her father, as he abused and tortured her a lot. He made her daughter stay like a prison in the dark basement for many years.

Who Is Josef Elisabeth Fritzl?

Josef Fritzl was born on April 9, 1935, in Austria. At the time of marriage, he was 21 years old. He married Rosemarie on September 23, 1939, and with her, he has 7 children. Of those 7 children, 4 were daughters and 3 were sons.

Elisabeth Fritzl was born on April 6, 1966. When she was 11, her father started abusing her. Thus, she tried to escape from her father in January 1983. But the police officers found her and returned to her parents. In 1984, she completed her waitress course and wanted to pursue the same as a career.

What Happened To Elisabeth Fritzl?

After Elisabeth turned 18, her father called for help to carry a door to the basement. But she didn’t have any idea that her father is going to arrest her in the basement. The door that they carried is the last piece to seal the basement chamber. Soon after reaching the basement, Josef held an ether-soaked towel on Elisabeth’s face. 

After, she felt unconscious; her father threw her into the chamber. Rosemarie registered a complaint at the police station about her daughter’s missing case. While Elisabeth was in captivity, her father forced her to write a letter. Josef used this letter as evidence to show police officials that she ran away wontedly from home.

Almost for 24 years, Elisabeth stayed in the basement chamber. Her father visited her every night and tortured her a lot. He raped her in the basement and thus, she delivered seven children during her captivity. One of the children died soon after birth. Three children named Lisa, Alexander, and Monika were removed from the basement as infants. 

But the other three children lived with their mother, Elisabeth inside the chamber. Fritzel even enlarged the size of the prison after the children’s birth. Also, he asked Elisabeth and her children to dig out the soil using bare hands for many years. 

What Happened To Kerstin Fritzl?

Elisabeth and her children, Stefan, Felix, and Kerstin lived in the basement chamber. One day, Kerstin Fritzl who was the eldest daughter of Elisabeth fell unconscious. She carried her along with the help of Josef out of the chamber. But he didn’t allow her to go out of the chamber even at that time. Thus, she went back to the chamber.

After the doctor’s examination, they got that Kerstin is suffering from kidney failure. Josef’s activities looked suspicious and thus, the medical staff informed the police. Thus, police again reopened the case of Elisabeth and they found something suspicious.

Elisabeth Came Out Of Chamber After 24 Years Of Captivity:

Elisabeth requested a lot at Josef to take care of the hospital. On April 26, 2008, he released her from the cellar along with her sons. They all moved to the hospital to see Kerstin. The police officials reached the hospital and arrested Josef Fritzl.

Elisabeth didn’t tell the police anything until they promised her that she will not meet her father once again. She told the brutal activities of Josef and cried a lot. Even, the DNA evidence proved that Josef is the father of those six children.


After providing the horrifying things of the past 24 years to the police by Elisabeth, Josef Fritzl was arrested and jailed.

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