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Olive Barrymore Kopelman
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As often happens, when you are a celebrity child, you get lots of fame and recognition even before your birth. This is something that applies to Olive Barrymore Kopelman as well. Famous as a celebrity child, she has become quite famous in Hollywood. The sources tell us that Olive is the eldest daughter of the popular Hollywood actress, Drew Barrymore, and her former husband, Will Kopelman. 

There are not a lot of details available about Olive Barrymore at the moment because her parents don’t share enough about their children. However, it’s worth noting that there are lots of pictures available of Olive on the internet. If you want to know more about Olive Barrymore’s life, then you are at the right place. 

We will mention details such as Olive Barrymore’s birth details, family, siblings, net worth, career, and other facts. So, now’s the time to dig into this article and find out the details about Olive’s life.

A Short Bio On Olive Barrymore

Real Name Olive Barrymore Kopelman
Nickname N/A
Net Worth N/A
Date of Birth 26 September 2012
Age 10 Years (As of 2023) 
Birthplace USA
Current Residence USA
Nationality American
Profession Celebrity Child
Martial Status Unmarried
Boyfriend/ Affairs Single
Religion Christianity
Zodiac sign Libra

As we noted earlier in this article, Olive Barrymore Kopelman has earned fame for being a celebrity kid. She is the eldest daughter of the US celebrity actress Drew Barrymore and her former husband Will Kopelman. If you want to know details such as her birthday, school, family, and other facts, then let us share those details. 

Olive Barrymore Kopelman Birthday

Olive Barrymore is famous due to her celebrity parents. Her parents, Drew Barrymore and Will Kopelman welcomed her into their life in the year 2012, on 26th September. So, that’s why, we can also say that as of 2023, Olive Barrymore Kopelman age is around only 10 years. She was born on a Wednesday. Moreover, we should also add that based on her birthdate, we can say that her zodiac sign is Libra. Olive is a citizen of the USA, and she follows the Christian religion. 

Olive Barrymore Kopelman Birthday
Credit: GH gossip

Olive’s Educational Qualifications

Well, there are not enough details available about Olive’s life, so that’s why we have some obscurity concerning her education phase. The sources tell us that she went to a local private school prior to the Covid 19 phase. During the covid period, she was homeschooled. At the moment, she has once again resumed her offline classes in a reputed primary school. 

Parents And Siblings

If you want to know about the parents of Olive Barrymore, then you are at the right place. According to the source, we do know that Olive has earned fame because of her celebrity parents, Drew Barrymore and Will Kopelman. Her mother, Drew is a fabulous US actress. She has acted in movies such as Charlie’s Angels, and 50 First Dates. She has received lots of accolades as well including the Golden Globe award and Screen Actors Guild Award. 

On the other hand, Olive’s father, Will is also quite a famous actor. He has earned popularity for playing in the movies such as Intern, Friendly Fire, etc. It’s worth noting that Olive is not the only child of Drew & Will. In fact, she has a two years younger sister whose name is Frankie. Frankie Olive Barrymore Kopelman is therefore only eight years old as of 2023. Olive shares lovely times with her parents & siblings. 

Olive’s Educational Qualifications

On this note, let us tell you that, Olive Barrymore Kopelman’s parents divorced in the year 2016. Her father, Will is currently engaged to her girlfriend, Alexandra Michler, Vogues director of fashion development. 

Hobbies & Interests

It seems that Olive Barrymore likes acting and as a hobby, she likes to sing and draw. Unfortunately, there are not enough details available about her hobbies and interests. 

Career & Net Worth

We do know that Olive Barrymore is only 11 years old right now as of 2023. So, that’s why she doens’t have a career of her own. However, it’s true that she might follow in the footsteps of her parents in the future and become an actress. Coming to her net worth, well, she has nothing to worry about when it comes to money. 

She belongs to a celebrity family, and therefore, she enjoys a luxurious life. According to the sources, Olive’s father, Will, has a net worth of 5 million USD. on the other hand, her mother Drew, who is a celebrity US actress, has a net worth of 125 million USD. 


1. Who Is Olive Barrymore Kopelman?

According to internet facts, Olive Barrymore Kopelman is quite famous for being the celebrity daughter of Drew Barrymore & Will Kopelman. 

2. How Old Is Olive Barrymore Kopelman?

Olive Barrymore, the celebrity daughter of Drew & Will is around 10 years old as of 2023. 

3. Who Is Olive Barrymore Kopelman’s Sister?

The sources tell us that Olive Barrymore’s sister’s name is Frankie Barrymore Kopelman. 

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