Famous Shrek Meme Have Reinvigorated The Love For The Iconic Character

Shrek Meme

If you just go visit the internet and type Shrek meme, you will be surprised to find so many memes about the iconic green-skinned character, Shrek. While it goes to show that people haven’t forgotten about this iconic character, it’s also true that so many people still want more of Shrek. There’s no denying that Shrek is one of the most popular characters ever to have graced the screen. 

Despite being an animated character, millions of people have fallen in love with this character. Shrek was released in the theatres and became an instant hit. In fact, the second movie, called Shrek 2 received the acclamation of being the highest-grossing animation film of all time in the USA. So, it only shows the amount of positive response this movie has. As such, it’s not that farfetched to think there wouldn’t be Shrek memes at all.

If you are curious to know about the Shrek meme and other facts, then you are at the right place. Here we will mention some key facts about the beloved animated character, Shrek, and discuss all sorts of meme stuff that’s been going on around about him. So, without fruhter ado, it’s time to take a look at this article and find out about Shrek. 

People Are Still Obsessed With Shrek

People Are Still Obsessed With Shrek

Although Shrek was released more than 10 years ago, the popularity surrounding the series persists til this date. It’s not difficult to assume why so, because the series has presented so many iconic characters, with Shrek being at the center of them all. So, that’s why, so many fans still talk about this series. 

From seasoned moviegoers to newcomers everyone knows about Shrek. Even those who don’t watch animated movies that much surely know about this legendary character, and if you ask them where they heard about him, they might say that they had come across Shrek meme on social media. 

Apparently, there are so many memes going around about Shrek. While it’d have been a fairly common thing to expect this in the 2010s, it’s weird how we are in the 2020s right now, and people are still talking about Shrek. The compelling narrative and intriguing characters of Shrek have captivated fans all around the world. Plenty of movie lovers simply love to watch the big man in action on screen and find out all sorts of stuff about him. 

In fact, the 2001 movie, Shrek, was iconic for many reasons. The plot was fascinating, and the characters, as we noted before, were a breath of fresh air. So, that’s why so many fans, even from Gen Z, are so much obsessed with Shrek. There’s a certain sense of uniqueness about Shrek that captures the audience somehow. Well, that’s just a reason behind the character’s popularity, nothing else. 

Why Are There so Many Shrek Memes Going on?

Why Are There so Many Shrek Memes Going on?

Shrek Meme has become a real thing for sure. If you just head to any social media and type what we told you earlier, you will find a lot of memes about the green-skinned giant. Considering how Shrek has continued to inspire people, he has also made people laugh out loud. Even after 22 years, people are taking their precious time out of their lives to make memes on Shrek. 

For example, many people have used popular lines from the movie, such as “That’ll do, Donkey”, and “Ogres are like onions”, etc. to use as memes. While these dialogues may sound a bit dated, they still have the capacity to become memes. From the exaggerated facial expressions of Shrek to his punchlines, and interactions with the Donkey, so many things regarding Shrek have become Shrek meme. 

In fact, the distinct color of Shrek has become a meme, as people have shared lots of edited pictures of Thanos in green skin, or shoes in green color. Common lines such as “Check yourself before you Shrek yourself” are also being used as memes. Notably, Heidi Klum wore makeup as part of her Halloween theme. So, we can pretty much see the craze around Shrek. 

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