Tyson Fury Celebrates His Victory In A Grand Fashion At Sin City: Learn More About The Fury Party

Fury party

Tyson Fury, the heavyweight champion has once again celebrated his win in a grand fashion. This time the Fury party took place in LA after the heavyweight champion won against Deontay Wilder.

It was a sensational year at least for Tyson. As per the reports, Tyson celebrated the fury party with the ‘hottest waitresses in the world’ at a nightclub in LA. In fact, he had an amazing time after dethroning the previous champion, Deontay Wilder.

Just hours after taking the WBC heavyweight belt from Deontay after the 7th round TKO, the man of immense charisma, Fury headed to the Hakkasan Nightclub to celebrate. This incident occurred in the month of Feb last year. He reveled at the Hakkasan nightclub after winning the WBC heavyweight belt.

So, we all know that a charismatic Fury is a jolly man. Therefore a lot of artists came to the Fury party. If you want to know more about the party then we will share some interesting details. In this article, we will talk about the party in detail and how Fury enjoyed a fantastic night with hot waitresses.

The Party At The Sin City: Hakkasan Night Club Calls For Tyson

At the age of 33, Tyson Fury ain’t a stranger to dazzling surroundings. He loves to celebrate his victories in a grand fashion. This time too, he didn’t let down his own ideals. In fact, after beating the Bronze Bomber, he attended the Hakkasan nightclub in LA.

So, it was DJ Mark who has lifted the lid on what happened at the nightclub. He said that the man arrived at the nightclub following the victory against Wilder. In fact, the hot waitresses prepared a pyro dragon at the fury party for Tyson Fury.

The DJ, who’s quite popular and has about 50k followers on Instagram has even claimed that the waitresses sent 30 bottles of champagne to Fury’s table.

It was a wild night and something that a lot of people enjoyed thoroughly. The DJ Mark Eteson also praised the whole party. He said, “the cocktail waitresses, who are the hottest in the world, come out with light sticks, a dragon, and bottles of champagne when he arrives”.

It was a surreal night and anything that we could imagine happened that night. Moreover, it’s true that he’s the Gypsy king and that’s why everyone loves him. In fact, he has the money to make everything possible on a wild night at Hakkasan. He could prepare a pyro dragon, make women cosplay Jasmine from Aladdin, and spend 150k dollars on a table.

Eteson said that everyone loves him because of his honest, straight-up attitude. Moreover, he is also a person who’s very blunt and truthful. On the other side, he’s a party lover who loves to enjoy his life to the fullest. This is why he arranged a wild fury party to celebrate the win.

A Lot Of Special Guest Appearances

So, a glamorous party is always incomplete without some cool live music, right? This is exactly what the doctor ordered and delivered as well. For example, the legendary DJ Steve Aoki performed at the Hakkasan stage. In addition, the reality TV star Mark Wright also did come to the fury party.

The Gypsy King’s party also saw Singer Liam Payne making an appearance. At the party, a sign with the words ‘The King Has Returned’ was plastered up for the Gypsy King. so, we can see that the party was a grand success indeed.