Do You Zanziman Ellie Who Has Microcephaly? Find Out More About This Man

Zanziman Ellie

Very few of you have heard the name of Microcephaly. Well, it’s a sort of condition that affects the size of an individual’s head at their birth. So, Zanziman Ellie a person from Rwanda has this condition. Therefore, from his childhood, he had to suffer a lot of trouble. Moreover, we have gathered information that this Rwandan man hikes several times a day just to escape the bullies. 

So, if you want to know more about Zanziman Ellie and his special condition then you are at the right place. In this article, we will provide you with information on the man and his condition as well. 

Who Is This Man From Rwanda? Learn More About His Life & His Special Condition

A lot of people also know Zanziman Ellie as the real-life Mowgli. He has Microcephaly, a special type of condition from birth. However, this condition doesn’t make him less of a human being than anybody. In fact, his mother is a doting one who considers Zanziman as a miracle after losing her first five children. 

In a video, she expressed her sorrow of losing five children. She said that she and her husband went through a lot of sorrow. Having lost five children is not easy. Despite that, they kept their faith in God and asked for a son. In fact, in that video, they even said that the child could be abnormal as long as he/she wouldn’t die. So after nine months, Ellie came into their life. 

Where Is He From?

So, do you wish to know where is Zanziman Ellie from? Well, as we said earlier he is a man from Rwanda. As per the reports, the local villagers harass him about his facial features almost on a daily basis. Therefore, he has to hike about 20 miles daily to escape the cruel villages who bully him just for being ‘different.’ In fact, Ellie’s mother to has spoken about the cruelty of the villagers who mock him on a constant basis. 

However, everything has its unique positives as well. For example, Zanziman Ellie has become nibble on his feet. In other words, he has learned to be quick on his feet. Moreover, he can now flee high into a tree to escape the bully villagers. 

It’s also worth noting that Zanziman has never gone to any formal school. He likes to spend his days hiking through the vast jungle for hours and hours. Sometimes he even hikes and covers around 143-144 miles in a week. Moreover, he also eats grass while staying in the jungle as well. 

A Bit On His Special Condition

From his childhood, Zanziman has a special condition that we call Microcephaly. People who have this condition are born with a smaller brain than the expected size. Like thousands of other conditions, people with this condition have a tough time. For example, they have learning difficulties. In some cases, people with Microcephaly develop physical disabilities as they grow up. 

So, you are probably wondering if there’s any cure for this. Well, as of now, there’s no test or treatment for this condition. However, sometimes it can be picked during pregnancy scans. As per the medical reports, a child can be affected by this condition if their mother contracts the Zika virus

Due to this condition, Zaniman Ellie cannot speak but he can understand the instructions of her mother. It’s true that his mother is a loving one and under all the adverse circumstances care for her son.

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