You Won’t Believe How Easy It Has Become to Buy WW2 US Field Gear

WW2 US Field Gear

For most people interested in owning their own piece of World War II history, their first purchase tends to be a specific article of clothing or even complete uniform packages. For lovers of history that are looking to really diversify their collection, the smartest move is to buy WW2 US field gear.

The reason so many people set out to buy WW2 US field gear is because of how many hidden treasures can be found under the ‘Field Gear’ category. As the name suggests, field gear represents the items carried by all American soldiers for survival during World War II. The actual fighting was not the only serious threat to the brave Americans stationed overseas, the weather, diseases, and limited amount of food and water also inflicted serious damage to soldiers, costing some their lives. By having the proper gear on them, they were able to better protect themselves from the elements, carry more rations to keep their health up, and other small but important things such as being able to dig trenches or perform first aid. Everything that a soldier needed to survive in Europe, North Africa, or Asia was able to fit inside their pack and played a key role in helping the Americans & their allies win the war.

From a collector’s standpoint, there are many reasons why a person would want to buy WW2 US field gear, provided it can be found at a more than reasonable price. Field gear equipment represents the finer points of detail that can turn a decent historical collection into something truly special and worth showing off to your friends and family. You will not easily find people who can say that they own a medical kit from World War II, a T-handle shovel that was standard issue to all soldiers at that time, or a Musette bag that provides the look and feel of an authentic, battle-used piece. While these kinds of items make great additions to your personal collection of World War II-era memorabilia, collectors are not the only people who would benefit from owning U.S. field gear from the Second World War.

Participating in historical reenactments has become a popular trend in not only the United States but also around the world. So many memorable events have taken place on every corner of the globe, and hosting reenactments allow new generations to better understand the historical significance of a site and allows history lovers to live out their dreams. That dream could quickly turn into a nightmare if a reenactor fails to show up with an authentic look for their role. Nothing can derail a good reenactment like a performer who looks completely out of place, which is far less likely to happen if one pays attention to the finer details. Again, this is where it greatly pays off to have your own field gear to add more authenticity to a World War II reenactment.

Knowing what kind of field gear you would like to purchase is easy, it is finding a good vendor that can prove difficult to some shoppers. Let me save you some time and trouble by pointing you toward the vendor that is beloved by fans of history and military collectors alike: At the Front. Since 2001, At the Front has been making the finest reproductions of World War II clothing and equipment, including all essential field gear pieces. They represent one of the few manufacturers who still make all of their items in the U.S. and use only the finest American material. Head to to find some unique and interesting field gear pieces to call your very own.

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