How Much Do Replacement Windows Cost? The Prices Explained

Replacement Windows Cost

Another month, another high energy bill. You can try unplugging all your appliances before you go to bed to drive the price down or replace your windows. We’ll tell you that the latter will be much more effective.

Modern windows provide enough insulation to keep your home cool during the summer and trap the heat in during the winter. The question is can these savings make up for the average replacement windows cost?

That all depends on what your needs are. Certain factors can drive up the price. Check out this cost guide to find out what you’re in for.

Average Replacement Windows Cost

The average cost of replacement windows is about 700 dollars for each window. This can go up depending on what company you go through for the job. Every service has a different price as far as labor costs go. 

Call around to several installers in your area to get quotes. Remember that just because you call a company and learn what their prices are, that doesn’t lock you into an agreement. 

Frame Materials 

Your installment may shoot up depending on what frame materials you decide to go with. If you’re strapped for cash, your best bet will be vinyl. It will only tack on about 100 dollars to your installment, and it’s easy to maintain. 

Aluminum is the next cheapest. It’s not too energy-efficient, and you’ll have to paint it often, but it’s durable. Fiberglass doesn’t cost too much more than aluminum. 

It’s a much better insulator, it’s more attractive than both aluminum and vinyl, and it’s durable. If insulation is what you want, wood is a great option. They are high maintenance, but you can customize them however you want. 

The most expensive window frame is steel. You’ll potentially spend thousands of dollars for it, but it pairs well with modern homes, and it’s super durable. 

Types of Replacement Windows 

There are a lot of different windows on the market for you to choose from. If you only need bathroom window replacement, glass block windows are both effective and inexpensive. 

Single-hung windows work, but they don’t provide much insulation or noise protection. You’ll have to upgrade to double or triple-hung windows if you want those helpful features. 

The cost of casement windows is pretty high, but it’s almost impossible to open them from the outside, so it provides security. Bay windows are gorgeous and create a nice ledge where you can sit and enjoy a good book on a sunny day. They’ll run you thousands of dollars depending on the complexity of the job, though. 

Get Your Windows Replaced Today 

No matter if you want to give your home a facelift or cut your energy bill in half, putting in new windows can help. The Replacement windows cost can be a little expensive, but it may be worth it depending on what you have installed. We hope that this guide has helped you plan your project. 

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