Why You Should opt for Sharjah for Investment Opportunities

Sharjah for Investment Opportunities

Sharjah has the third most growing population in UAE apart from Dubai and Abu Dhabi. At present, it’s the cultural capital and industrial hub of UAE. Sharjah is a place of natural and cultural diversity. Sharjah is both politically and economically stable. It has two main coastlines; they are the Indian ocean and the Arabian Gulf.

It provides sample of Investment Opportunities and a business-friendly environment for an entrepreneur to start up a business there. So here are the reasons for opting Sharjah as an investing place:


UAE has become a hotbed for international businesses. Whether it is Abu Dhabi, Sharjah or the famous Dubai, businesses, both big and small and rushing to set up a presence in the Middle East. The government of UAE has been proactive in terms of giving assistance to national and international businesses looking to establish a presence in the gulf country. For example, business hub Abu Dhabi has become an important platform for SMEs aiding their capital requirements as well as arranging network meetings.

Tourism and Travel:

Sharjah tourism claims itself as a vast contributor in social and economic development. It’s a perfect place where one can get both the modern and the traditional essence. A combination of natural scenes and shopping places depict this fact. There are a lot of places to see, paths to wander and signature lifetime experiences here. Numerous historical art museums depicting Islamic culture provides the contemporary and traditional blend of art. Occupying quarters of UAE’s art museums, it’s one of the reasons for a large number of investors to come and do their new business setups here. 

Education and job opportunities:

Sharjah provides a developed educational system having 232 schools and 21 institutions. Schools and colleges provide the options to ample of courses. Sharjah has institutes which is of international level. Not only from UAE only, people from different countries come here to get education. People invest in these educational institutions as it’s a predominant thing there. Besides that, Sharjah International Education Show and Sharjah International Book Fair are another two initiatives for making the educational system better. The International show gives away the information of different institutions around the world which provide higher education to UAE students. The International book fair is able to attract almost 800 publishers and over five lakh visitors every year.

Real estate:

The real estate in UAE has investment potential. The government had planned to uplift and enhance the business of real estate because it’s one of the largest businesses there.  Across the whole nation, the prices for real estate have dropped. So, it may be a very lucrative option to make invest in Sharjah. The government has also allocated some free zones which helps an entrepreneur or any company to make the profit quickly. Several free zones take care of the needs for the entrepreneurs. It offers rental yields which is higher than many other real estate markets.


Centrally located between Europe and Asia Sharjah’s location has made this place a trading hub of the country. The airport of Sharjah, which is connected to around 150 places, increases the connection between different countries and thereby, increase trading. It has also developed seaports which can make a worldwide connection of businesses and industries. This plays a crucial role for directing capital towards UAE from various parts of the world. The location enhances connectivity of Sharjah which, in other terms, bring capital to UAE, besides two coastlines adding values to Sharjah.


Sustainable environment and development are one of the measures taken as national priority by the government there. The UAE Government has taken several measures for switching the country into renewable sources of energy and reducing energy consumption. Sharjah is opting to remove ecological footprints from the planet by taking suitable measures for it. 

Shows and Festivals:

Different shows and festivals occur here throughout the year. Sharjah Light Festival, Sharjah International Automobile Show, Sharjah Biennial, Sharjah International Education Show, Sharjah World Music Festival etc. are some festivals and shows to attract more people towards Sharjah. People come here, get attracted and thereby invests here. 

A place for home seekers also:

Sharjah is not only a place of business and growth, but also, it’s a place for affordable residence. One may get apartment here with the least hectic and favorable environment. Also, here the apartments cost less than compared to Dubai.

Sharjah is a stable and investor friendly city. So overall, the investor friendly environment has been able to attract investors towards here. It creates immense opportunities for both established and struggling investors.