Megan Fox Welcomes Her New Child Journey River Green

Journey River Green
Credit: Eonline

Journey River Green sounds like one of those trendy, mystical names that people take on for the appeal. Well, that is what popular Hollywood actress Megan Fox and her husband Brian Austin Green have named their baby boy Journey River Green, and we can’t help but gush over just how cute it is. It is their third child so far. Journey River joined his Journey River Green siblings, Noah Shannon and Bodhi Ransom, respectively, three and two. Apart from them, he also has an elder stepbrother named Kassius, fourteen, from Megan’s previous relationship.

A Cutie

Megan could not stop talking nonstop about the little one on the Jimmy Kimmel show. According to her, if an expecting mother tries hard enough, she can listen to the energy vibrations of her unborn fetus. She claims this is exactly what happened during her pregnancy, and she could listen to River Journey as he spoke to her.

Her baby is a super genius, according to her, and she can’t get enough of him. The actress also says that when he was in her womb, River Journey also said that he did not want to live in their current home. Hence the family relocated to Los Angeles because she felt that was where he wanted to be raised. See Megan Fox Journey River Green. 

A Cutie
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Megan filed for divorce from her husband, Green, after eleven years together last August. But according to the couple, they have since settled their differences and moved back together. We can only hope this last bit of news is something that will stay with them for a long time.

Children definitely need both their parents together to experience a healthy childhood. We only know too well the cost of raising children as a single parent or, worse, living in a fractured home with no one to turn to during trouble. 

Fox Hits Back

Now, we know Megan Fox has a tendency for sarcastic overreactions to troll comments or any other criticism directed towards her. Recently one user on Instagram questioned her about the whereabouts of her kids. She had posted a picture of herself riding a swing. The actress immediately took offense and hit back at the person.

She ranted about how someone should phone the valet of the hotel where they were staying. While we can all agree her reaction was a tad too much, fans often create unnecessary trouble by posing all manner of irritating questions at celebrities. See Noah Journey River Green. 

Fox Hits Back
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Megan Fox had been in a relationship with mumble rapper Machine Gun Kelly for a long time till she caught the singer red-handed cheating on her. Ever since then, fans have spotted them outside the marriage counselor’s office to try and mend their relationship. A few days before Valentine’s Day, Megan deleted all the photos of them together from her Instagram account. This further speculation about the relationship status. She is upset, quite naturally, but still holding out hope that the relationship ends and they come back together stronger. 

The birth of a child may help Megan Fox to heal some of the wounds she has been feeling lately. While no one can say with certainty what is going to happen in the future, we can certainly wish her all the best for it.


1. Does Megan Fox have 3 sons?

Yes Megan Fox has 3 sons.

2. Does Megan Fox often see her sons?

The paparazzi often spot Megan Fox alone, not with her sons. So, we can say she does not see her sons.

3. What gender are Megan Fox’s kids?

Megan Fox is raising her three sons to be gender neutral, but she has 3 sons. 

4. Does Megan Fox have full custody of her kids?

Megan Fox and Brian Green have agreed to share joint custody of their kids. 

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