Commercial Truck Insurance in California

Commercial Truck Insurance

Trucking companies form the backbone of the country’s economy, and California is no exception. Whether you own a delivery service or a trucking company, IIS is here to help you minimize costs and liability. State and federal guidelines, political risks, fuel costs, and claim frequency can all affect your business, but the right brokerage can offer significant advantages. Read on to learn about commercial truck insurance and how it works in the state of California.

Commercial Truck Insurance: What Is It?

Businesses using large vehicles are exposed to several risks, including accident claims and cargo loss. Commercial truck insurance protects California’s companies from many of the risks they face. While these policies are much like other types of vehicle insurance, they often have higher limits and more coverage options.

Truck Insurance

Which Businesses Need Commercial Truck Coverage?

Most companies with commercially registered trucks should carry this type of insurance, including:

  • Regional and long-haul cargo businesses
  • Local delivery companies
  • Local and long-distance moving companies
  • Heavy equipment service and distribution companies
  • Waste management and recycling businesses
  • Contractors

Other types of businesses may also benefit from commercial truck insurance. If you have questions about policy types or coverage, a brokerage or agent can answer them while recommending options with affordable pricing.

Which Kinds of Coverage Are Available?

Commercial truck policies typically offer several types of coverage, including those listed below.

  • Physical damage. This type of coverage pays for damage to business-owned trailers and vehicles.
  • Unidentified trailer. Here, damage to non-owned trailers might be covered.
  • Cargo. Certain policies cover cargo that’s loaded onto covered trailers.
  • Downtime. Coverage may be extended to periods when a truck isn’t on the road.
  • Non-trucking. Some policies offer coverage for times when a commercial truck is used for non-work purposes.
  • Liability. Trucking insurance policies usually cover other motorists’ property damage and injuries.
  • Under- and uninsured motorists. Here, damages caused by improperly insured motorists may be covered.

Contact a local brokerage to learn which types of coverage your business needs.

Trailer Cargo Coverage Options

Trailer cargo insurance covers numerous load types, regardless of their value. When choosing coverage, business owners should choose classes that match their cargo. A commercial truck insurance brokerage can recommend the right type of coverage.

Occupational Accident Insurance

Most of the state’s businesses must carry worker’s compensation insurance, which protects against on-the-job injuries. Worker’s compensation policies, however, do not protect independent contractors—and that’s where occupational accident insurance comes in. This type of coverage is typically available as part of a commercial trucking insurance policy, and businesses with owner-operators usually buy it.

The Cost of Insurance

Because commercial truck policies have such broad coverage, premiums can vary widely. While a policy for a small, locally driven truck may be low in cost, a policy for a hazmat fleet will cost significantly more. The independent agents at IIS can help California’s businesses by getting quotes from multiple insurers.

How Can a California Business Owner Find a Commercial Truck Policy?

For unbiased recommendations and help finding the right policy, for any company, call the independent brokers at Incorporated Insurance Services. Our team members are well-acquainted with the state’s commercial truck policies, and we’re here to help you find the right coverage for your needs. Click here to get a free quote or call now to talk to one of our brokers.

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