GK61 Review 🔆 Best Budget Optical Mechanical Keyboard

Gk61 Keyboard

The market for mechanical keyboard is very vast and some keyboard such as GK61 stands out the most among them. Read till the end to find whether this keyboard is as good as everyone says.

HK Gaming GK61 Specification

  • Size: 293*103*40MM
  • Line length: 1.5M
  • Weight: 0.78KG
  • Layout: 61 keys
  • Switch: Gateron Optical axis
  • Keycap: ABS two-colour injection
  • Interface: USB C/ Type-C Wired 
  • Backlight: full-colour RGB / about 16.8 million colours
  • Bottom case: ABS bottom case
  • Driver compatibility: Windows / No Mac OS Support

GK61 In-Depth Review

The HK Gaming GK61 is an excellent first mechanical keyboard for anyone who is looking to simply dive more into world of mechanical keyboards. It’s also very affordable and can be modified over time.  

The GK61 is a 60% compact mechanical keyboard that features hot-swappable optical switches and pre-lubricated stabilizers. Aside from that, it has various RGB effects and configurable layers for all of your needs. It has multiple switch options and can be upgraded when needed for more premium feel.   

Build Quality

The GK61 has a thick plastic body with an aluminum plate. Attempting to stretch the board manually has no effect. This board is fairly strong and can take a fall if necessary. It also has a very fresh housing that supports PCB and the plate. There are four rubber feet on the back to keep the keyboard from sliding around.

Sadly, it contain no kickstand for angle adjustment however it has a slight inclined build to provide more comfort. Optical keyboards have a hollow sound, whereas the GK61 has a rich tone. Putting some foam inside the casing would help to lessen the hollow sound even more.

GK61 software

The USB-C port is positioned in a somewhat deeper region on the top left of the keyboard. This connector is compatible with the majority of custom USB-C cables. However, it is not flat with the case, which can make working with some cords more difficult.

Lightning Effects

Backlighting has recently become a key feature in modern keyboards, and the GK61 is no exception. It has surface-mounted LEDs and a small glass-like substance that helps to amplify the lights to a bright level. Importantly, it includes real RGB lighting, which means each LED can produce around 16.8 million color combinations.

Ripple, Aurora, Music, Wave, Rainbow and a single light are among the backlight modes and effects available. The animations are clear, and the transition is seamless and smooth. You can also adjust the brightness level as per your need.

The GK61 keyboard, in particular, includes a 21-level adjustable brightness setting. To lower the brightness to its lowest point, press and hold the FN+P buttons. Similarly, you can adjust the brightness to the maximum setting by pressing and holding the FN + left bracket buttons.

 You could adjust or increase the animation speed by pressing FN + semi-colon and FN + apostrophe together. Furthermore, if you do not want the backlight, you can off it entirely by pressing the FN + backspace buttons.

The Keycaps

The GK61 keycaps are made of double shot injection molding and ABS plastic. The keycaps are OEM-profile, as seen on the majority of stock mechanical keyboards. OEM profile is a regular profile that tries to limit the space between each row.  

Fortunately, the GK61 has a conventional 60% layout with a common bottom row, making it simple to swap out the keycaps for a nicer PBT-plastic set with more oil-resistant legends. These keycaps are not bad for the price. However, they will shine and feel smoother to type on over time.


The tops of each keycap are rough, and the edges are glossy, which is quite interesting. In addition, the keycaps are fixed to the case walls rather than floating. The switches are hidden, and the entire design is really clean.

Optical Gateron Switches

The keyboard has optical Gateron red switches, which has almost the same qualities as the Gaterod red except for the design. The switches require only about 45 g of actuation force and bottom out at exactly 4.0 mm with a 2.0 mm actuation distance.

The GK61 keyboard’s optical switches will come in useful either typing or gaming. They will help make sure faster response times and boost the keyboard’s overall life. The switches are not connected to the circuit board. You could easily replace them when necessary.

Furthermore, the keyboard is IP68 certified to avoid water damage from accidental liquid spills. The optical Gateron red switches are designed to boost this capability, so you don’t have to worry about anything. Furthermore, you should expect the smooth feel that is usual of most Gateron switches here with a 45 g activation force.

The GK61 Addition Features

The FN key is all the way to the far right, right next to the arrow keys. This allows you to navigate with just one hand by holding the FN key with your pinky finger and moving the other keys around it. 

You can write macros and key remapping on the keyboard’s three programmable layers. If you do a lot of productive work on your keyboard, this is quite useful. 

If you’re only going to use it for gaming, there’s also a Windows lock that prevents you from leaving your game screen during those key button-mashing moments.


Overall, the GK61 keyboard is an excellent choice for your first mechanical keyboard OR if you want to experiment with an optical switch for the first time. It has lot of feature which make it one of the best optical mechanical keyboard overall. If you want to know more about its specification and features then read this article till the end to find out.

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