How Do I Choose A Server For My Company?


Businesses are quickly evolving, and today, most of them require a server. But why have servers become so important today? With technology becoming an integral part of any business, companies have turned to servers to support almost all their systems ranging from website hosting, file sharing, and storage of databases. However, with all the functions that a server does, selecting one that fits your needs can be tricky. At ServerMania, we have various solutions for you, each geared to your company’s needs. But, we understand the need to empower our customers to make a more informed decision, and therefore here are some tips to help you in that regard.

What To Look For When Selecting A Server

Like we have mentioned, there are many types of servers; however, there are some basic things to look for before selecting one for your company.


As a company, you probably pride yourself on how you run things. Most companies have critical information that they would like to remain private. You need secure email and file-sharing platforms to send and receive data without the fear that the information may be hacked. Backed-up files also need to be placed in a secure server to ensure that all company information is safe. 


The speed of your server may be affected by the distance your business is from its physical location. Many experts advise that you find a server solution located closer to you as the pinging time is less, leading to faster processing speeds. Even if you have opted for a cloud server, it might still be in your best interest to pick one closer to you.

You can also choose to host your server in the office through hardware installation. Although this is a route that mostly only large companies use, it is still worth considering. Having your server set up and sitting in a room at your office offers you better control over it. You can lock it up securely, limiting access to it, and can use it as you please without having to worry about working with a third party. 

Your Needs

Every business is different, meaning they have different needs. Picking a server according to your needs is a great way to keep your budget down. Bigger companies need faster and larger servers because they may have more people and information. While a small start-up, for example, may not need a lot of data storage space. By getting a server that suits your needs, you can run your business more efficiently, leading to faster growth.

Type Of Server

Even if you follow all the guidelines above and pick the wrong type of server, you may still encounter problems with running your business. There are three major types of servers, cloud servers, dedicated servers, and hybrid servers. Each has its advantages and limitations, and it is up to you to pick one that works best for your business. 

Hybrid Servers

These are servers that are shared among a few customers. As a result, it is a cheaper option. We recommend hybrid servers for smaller companies that do not need to have so much data or personnel. Since it is shared, they may be slower and less powerful than other options on this list. However, as a growing company without many needs, it might be helpful to use hybrid servers as a stepping stone towards more efficient options. However, the advantage is the company running them takes care of the maintenance and the software and hardware upgrades, reducing your overhead costs. It is, however, less secure as you are sharing it with other companies. 

Dedicated Servers

For a company that needs more server power, a dedicated server may be the best option for you. As the name suggests, the server will only be used by you. This means that it will run faster, have more storage space, and is more secure. It is also capable of running more powerful applications as the entire system is dedicated to you. However, since you are the only one using the server, it may be more expensive.

Cloud Servers

Most companies are moving towards hosting their servers on the cloud, eliminating the need for a lot of hardware. With less hardware, cloud servers require less space to host, meaning you can have one sitting in your office or work with a server company at lower rates. This also increases its flexibility and can be tailored to your needs. As a result, cloud servers are more secure, scalable, and affordable. 

It is also essential to work with a server within your budget. Having the best and most secure server is meaningless if you have no money left to run your business effectively. At ServerMania, we always ensure we match you with a server that suits your needs.